25 February 2024

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Android 14

Android 14 Release Possibly Delayed to Next Month

According to fresh information that has leaked online ahead of Android 14 is release, the date of the operating system may be moved to next month. The source code for the next version of Google’s Android operating system, known as AOSP, was previously anticipated to be made available on Tuesday. The Google Pixel 8 series of smartphones, which are set to launch in October, may now also include Android, according to Android specialist Mishaal Rahman. In the meanwhile, Google revealed a brand-new, three-dimensional Android logo that will start appearing on Android phones and gadgets in the near future.

Google has told original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that the Security Release Notes for Android 14 with information on the vulnerabilities that have been fixed would be issued on October 4, according to information provided by Rahman on Wednesday. He continues by saying that the decision to postpone the release was made “very late” and OEMs were expecting the code on Tuesday.

New Android 14 Release Date Impact on Pixel 8 Series

Rahman says that since Google often releases the source code for its upcoming Android operating system prior to the launch of new smartphone models, the new release date of Android 14 may coincide with the introduction of the Pixel 8 series. While the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro were revealed in the month of October last year, Google published Android 13 and its source code in September.

Google announced the release of the most recent quarterly Feature Drop update on Tuesday. The first function on Lookout is referred to as Image Q&A, and it enables users to ask follow-up questions as well as offer audio explanations for any image. Additionally, AI functions have been added to the At a Glance widget to display information about forthcoming flights, the weather, and other crucial factors on the home screen.

Google is also introducing support for unidentified tracker notifications, giving Android phones the ability to stop unwanted and unidentified Bluetooth trackers from locating them. According to Google, users of Gmail will be able to use a new translation tool for emails, and those who use WhatsApp will be able to view their chats from their Wear OS wearable.

Google has also started to update the Android logo, which now features a three-dimensional version of the insect droid and capitalises the term. The organisation informed TechCrunch that in the upcoming months, devices would start to include the revised 3D bug droid logo and the updated Android branding.