29 February 2024

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Apple GPT

Apple is secretly developing “Apple GPT” to compete OpenAI

When Apple introduces a new product, its competitors, developers, and adoring customers take it very seriously. And, given the current obsession for artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, it was only a matter of time before the iPhone creator developed something explosive.

Apple is reportedly developing a large language model (LLM) to compete with OpenAI’s GPT-3 and GPT-4, Google’s Bert and LaMDA, and Meta’s LLaMa-1 and LLaMa-2, among others. According to Bloomberg, Apple has constructed a chatbot service similar to ChatGPT that company insiders are dubbing “Apple GPT,” which runs on an LLM framework named “Ajax.”

According to Bloomberg’s insider sources, the corporation launched a machine learning development project called “Ajax” last year.

Testing for Apple GPT under way

Apple workforce is currently using the chatbot in-house for product prototyping. Based on the data it has been trained on, the chatbot may summarise the text and answer queries.

Apple GPT

When OpenAI introduced ChatGPT last year, the new-age AI boom began. This was followed by nearly every major multinational technology corporation creating its own form of chatbot and LLMs. Some may say that Apple is late to the party, as it was with the release of its AR/VR headset Pro Vision, which came years after Meta had made significant advances in the sector.

Last year, Apple earned roughly $320 billion in revenue. If the tech company fails to stay up with AI breakthroughs, its earnings could suffer significantly in the future.

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Feeling the competitive pressure

According to the Bloomberg report, Apple has set its sights on AI, with many teams working on the subject. However, Apple is not the first firm to feel and succumb to pressure. Google has also been called out. Google formed a task team to begin developing AI products within two weeks following ChatGPT’s launch.

Apple GPT rumours surface two months after CEO Tim Cook stated that the company is “weaving AI into future products.” Apple’s devices already include AI features such as Fall Detection in its watches and, of course, Siri, its AI voice assistant. Some iPhone and Apple Watch models offer Crash Detection, and Apple Watches include ECG capabilities, which captures the timing and intensity of the electrical signals that cause the heartbeat.

Taking a cautious approach to AI, Apple is still defining the consumer angle for generative AI (Apple GPT) and attempting to solve the privacy concerns raised by the technology, which other AI startups such as OpenAI have also raised.

Regardless of Apple’s delayed entry into the generative AI space, it has surely sparked our interest.