27 February 2024

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Apple iPhone scratch resistant design

Apple may soon build scratch-resistant iPhones: Patent

Smartphones have become thinner over time, and more expensive versions have even adopted materials that add to the quality feel. These, however, make the gadgets much more prone to scratches and dents, with the Apple iPhone being a prime example. However, a new patent suggests that the business is focusing on making its device much more durable.

Apple patent reveals a scratch resistant design on the iPhone

The Cupertino-based behemoth was been granted a new USPTO patent named “Spatial Composites.” This patent essentially describes Apple’s use of a new technology for embedding materials such as ceramic and metal into the smartphone’s housing casing. This would help to make the device’s exterior more scratch resistant and able to withstand greater punishment. Furthermore, the materials could be shaped into different sizes that connect with each other, preventing dents.

Apple iPhone scratch resistant design

Apple could basically make the iPhone structurally more robust with these more resistant materials and embedding method. By increasing its density, it would increase its overall hardness while possibly retaining its flexibility. To put it simply, the corners of the housing may be made harder to withstand dents and scratches. That is, the brand is improving the protection of various regions of the housing.

According to the patent, this approach is intended for mobile devices such as smartphones, watches, tablets, laptops, notebooks, music playback devices, and others. As a result, we may soon see a significant shift in Apple product design in terms of the materials used to make its devices even more robust. Keep in mind that this is still a patent, and it will most likely take years for it to reach the market.