5 March 2024

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Realme Phones Secretly Stealing Your Data

Are Realme Phones Secretly Stealing Your Data? Government Orders Probe

According to the Twitter user, Realme phones features a “Enhanced Intelligent Services” function that records the user’s data and is “On” by default.

Do Realme smartphones collect user data? A Twitter user made severe allegations against the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, and Union Minister of State for Entrepreneurship, Skill Development, Electronics and Technology Rajeev Chandrasekhar promised an investigation.

“Realme’s smartphone has a feature (Enhanced Intelligent Services) that captures the user’s data (call logs, SMS, and location info), and it is set to “On” by default.” This “on” by default functionality is only visible when you go to Settings -> Additional Settings -> System Services -> Enhanced Intelligent Services,” tweeted @rishibagree.

“Indian users are kept in the dark about the sharing of their data without their consent.” Because it is enabled by default, this is essentially compelled consent. Is this information being sent to China?”, according to the user

In response to this, Chandrasekhar tweeted, “Will hv this tested and checked @rishibagree”.

Public Reaction On Realme Phones Data Stealing

If you want to see if the functionality indicated by the Twitter user is activated, simply click to Settings and then to Additional Settings. Select ‘System Services’ now.

Several people commented on the post on social media. “Sir, please have this checked across all of the custom roms,” a Twitter user said.

“Sir, all Chinese mobile brands must rigorously check whether they are sending any kind of data of Indian users to China, or even if they are collecting data from the device in the first place,” said another user on Twitter.

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