25 February 2024

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Asian Kabaddi Championships

Asian Kabaddi Championships, India vs. Iran: Shadlou’s inexperienced mistake allows India to retain the championship

Mohammadreza Shadlou was the main focus in the end. On Thursday in Busan, India defeated Iran 42-32 to win the Asian Kabaddi Championships and defend their championship. Iran’s captain went from being the hero to the villain due to a rookie error.

India’s flawless record throughout the tournament is encouraging in front of the Asian Games later this year. Iran, who played with a reserve team in this competition, performed excellently but fell short in crucial situations.

Iran set the mood for the championship match right away when India captain Pawan Kumar Sehrawat was helped off the mat by Ghaffari Saeid. Iran had just narrowly lost on Wednesday. Iran was very explicit about their intentions.

With only four minutes left in the game, both captains received warnings to control their teams after some of the anger from their last match spilled over into the championship. At this moment, Iran led 3-1, and it would be their last benefit.

Nitesh Kumar and Parvesh Bhainswal made two outstanding tackles that helped India go ahead and the raiders quickly joined the party. Aslam Inamdar scored a few points, and Pawan destroyed the Iranian defence to score the All Out.

With 10 minutes remaining, India was in the lead 10-4 after the momentum had changed.

Arjun Deshwal, the top raider of the ninth Pro Kabaddi League season, then scored an incredible three-point raid to give India a 10-point lead. Once more, tensions between the two sides erupted, and the Indians received a green card warning. India led into the half with a comfortable 12-point advantage after Pawan finished off two of the three Iranian players who were still on the pitch. Pawan then completed a flawless ankle hold on Ekrami Heiderali.

Similar to Wednesday, the Indians relaxed in the second half while maintaining their lead thanks to Aslam and Pawan. They had a 33-14 advantage with 14 seconds left.

Asian Kabaddi Championships

19 points should have been enough to win the game, right? Not at all. The Shadlou raider took the Indian team off guard. The Iranian shifted positions from the left corner and assumed control of the raiding duties. He began with a two-point raid on Nitesh Kumar and Mohit Goyat before carrying out his second raid to destroy the Indian defence.

He outsmarted Parvesh Bhainswal, Aslam, and Nitin Rawal, the three defenders, to secure the All Out and five huge points. Although India was still in the lead, there were growing weaknesses. Shadlou’s side increased the pressure as the invaders abruptly lost their footing. Iran could almost smell victory as India’s advantage continued to diminish.

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Asian Kabaddi Championships Thriller

The Iranian captain was up against three defenders with two minutes remaining. He was soon tackled by the other two after getting past one. Nitesh, who tackled Shadlou, went beyond the line of play, giving the Iranians a point while Shadlou was still on the ground.

Shadlou was given another chance with less than a minute left. among the simplest. By eight points, Iran was behind. On the mat, Aslam was the only Indian. Iran would score three points simply by Shadlou tagging him.

The brain fade followed it. Shadlou attempted to stop telling kabaddi, which players are required to say for the entire duration of a raid, to let Aslam know he had tagged him. The Indian bench recognized it as a rookie mistake.

It was over when the referee gave India two points for a Super Tackle. The hopes of Shadlou’s squad winning the championship were destroyed by a careless mistake.

The Indians had every right to enjoy their victory, but it wasn’t very convincing. The Iranian main team will be waiting for them in the Asian Games in September; this was only the Iranian second-string team that they managed to squeeze past.