20 May 2024

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Key Reasons to Keep an Eye on B2B YouTube Influencers in 2024: Insights from the Marketing World

Video marketing is a crucial component of any business’s marketing strategy. By using short video platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube with the help of these brands can be marketed to raise awareness and foster favourable attitudes. Brands upload their informative videos including consumer feedback and services they provide, these types of videos will benefit the businesses as the customer will purchase their brand products by watching these videos. YouTube is used as a tool for B2B marketing, increasing the value of sales representatives because, with the help of YouTube influencer marketing campaigns, there are many companies which have increased dramatically, according to current statistics.

Why B2B should use YouTube?

B2B can reach the heights with the help of YouTube as there are many people more than 90% who use YouTube to check reviews and knowledge about the particular product which they want to purchase which will lead to purchases and in the end businesses will earn profit.

  1. Boost Search Engine Visibility

You can get more exposure in search engines like Google by using YouTube. When searching for terms associated with their titles, YouTube videos may show up right away and occasionally even above other results. When you upload videos to YouTube with optimised descriptions and title tags, you can potentially reach people who are looking for information about your company. Additionally, you can connect with a potential audience for your site’s text-heavy content.

  1. It can help to find potential clients

After Google, did you realise that YouTube is the second-biggest search engine worldwide? In actuality, YouTube receives more desktop traffic than Google. You may access this enormous user base by utilising tags, keywords, and optimised titles when users search for content, answers, and amusement on the website. As of right now, YouTube is the most widely used medium for watching videos. Most people are already comfortable with searching and interacting on the site because it’s where they go to view videos online.

  1. Helpful in Analytics

YouTube offers a user-friendly analytics platform that allows video-makers to monitor how consumers are interacting with their material. Metrics like traffic, user interactions, and demographic data are simple to track as a marketer. You may learn a lot about what interests your users and what will most likely lead to a conversion from all of this.

  1. Easy to use and customize

Users may easily build a channel on YouTube and customise it to showcase their brand identity. You have the option to add a company description, post a cover photo and profile picture, and playlist-organize your videos. An excellent illustration of a B2B YouTube account optimised is Intel. They offer distinct video playlists to further classify their content in addition to other categories for various facets of their business. Each of their movies comes with a thorough description, links to their website, and information about other social media platforms. They have more than 340,000 new members on the site as a result.

Rise of Video Marketing in B2B

Do you believe that B2C video marketing is more important than B2B marketing? Well, reconsider. One of the most effective marketing techniques for B2B companies is B2B video marketing Trends. Nearly half of B2B customers who view videos online do so to explore products or services; over 90% of these customers do so. B2B businesses may quickly, effectively, and captivatingly demonstrate the value of their brand and the product/service they provide with the help of video. Our attention spans are getting shorter as we grow more used to the instantaneous nature of the internet, which makes it more difficult to grab your target audience’s attention. 

B2B video marketing

B2B marketers and company owners need to stay up to date on the latest trends and know what areas to concentrate on in the next years as video marketing in the B2B space grows. This article will tell you what the newest trends in B2B video marketing are, both right now and for the foreseeable future, to help you stay ahead of the competition.

6 Key B2B Marketing Trends for 2024

If you want to stay ahead of the curve in B2B marketing, you’ll need to stay abreast of the most recent developments in technology and trends and adapt your approach to suit the shifting demands of your target market.

This is critical now more than ever, as 2024 draws near and digital technology advances at a never-before-seen pace.

  1. AI-Driven

Artificial Intelligence is sweeping across many industries, and it is always evolving. Giants in the tech industry are fiercely vying to deliver the greatest AI. B2B organisations are gradually integrating content personalization in other marketing strategies, such as omnichannel or ABM, to achieve more effective and optimised outcomes. 

Thus, it makes sense that AI and YouTube marketing will interact closely. We believe that the YouTubers and their potential will be chosen using AI’s power. for it to be compatible with the goods or services you are marketing to them. Additionally, this will make use of sophisticated messaging tools to transform YouTube acquisition. 

  1. Video Content

There has been a discernible shift in support of video content in B2B marketing in recent years. It has been demonstrated that this strategy works quite well for B2C marketing campaigns. HubSpot, a platform for sales, marketing, and customer service, claims that “more marketers credited video with increasing dwell time, traffic, leads, sales, and reduced support queries than in ANY of our annual surveys since 2015.” Furthermore, 92% of the marketers polled say their video content generates exceptional returns on investment. 

It can be used as a component of a business-to-business (B2B) marketing campaign to increase traffic, enhance brand awareness, and breakthrough online noise while remaining accessible in the hectic world of modern business. 

  1. Inclusivity and  Diversity

You must ensure that the language you use in your marketing efforts does not denigrate or exclude people and that the content is appropriate and understandable to all audiences, regardless of their gender, ability, background, or culture. You may ensure that you are acting morally, build sincere relationships with a variety of people, and include everyone in the conversation by doing this.

Start by including captions for your videos and alt-text for your images. Also, make sure your website is designed with accessibility in mind. This guarantees that people with disabilities and neurodiverse people can feel appreciated, included, and a part of the debate.

  1. Influenecer Marketing

Another important B2C trend that is shown to be quite successful for B2B is influencer marketing. Because of its exceptional return on investment, 82% of participants in a poll conducted by The Influencer Marketing Hub stated they would allocate their whole budget to it.

This is because influencer marketing is an effective means of adding social proof to your organisation, demonstrating to other prosperous companies that your products and services are dependable, excellent, and trustworthy. Additionally, it gives your business a face, which increases the likelihood that clients will choose you over your rivals and that they will connect more deeply with your digital marketing content.

  1. Conversational content

2024 is probably going to see a big shift away from the formal, corporate language that companies have always used in their marketing materials and towards a more conversational, common language.

With the help of this important B2B marketing trend, we can expect to see more organically written blog posts, articles, and eBooks with shorter sentences, contractions like “it’s” and “we’re,” plain language, and narrative tactics that make your material seem more like a conversation with a real person.

  1. Self-service purchasing

The way that consumers behave has changed dramatically in recent years, with more purchases being made online than ever before. Most British people currently shop online; by 2024, there will be more e-commerce users than in the previous year.

Similar things are occurring in the B2B market, where a growing number of B2B businesses are utilising this new channel and benefiting from it. According to a recent McKinsey & Co. survey, B2B e-commerce has emerged as the most successful sales channel. These include:

  • Using cutting-edge sales technologies
  • Growing the capabilities and teams of hybrid sales
  • Providing extreme customization
  • Customising tactics for external marketplaces
  • Realising excellence in e-commerce throughout the entire marketing and sales funnel

Because kids may freely explore, investigate, and take their time to make decisions about their purchases even if this is during non-traditional hours.

By Concluding the Topic

Looking ahead to 2024, major B2B marketing trends are highlighted as critical areas that businesses must concentrate on for continued success in the changing digital landscape. These trends include the integration of AI, the prevalence of video content, content writing, inclusivity and diversity considerations, influencer marketing, conversational content, and the rise of self-service purchasing. It is stressed that keeping up with these changes and modifying marketing tactics appropriately are essential to preserving a competitive advantage.