29 February 2024

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Bigg Boss OTT 2: Abhishek accused Elvish Yadav of doing negative PR

In the most recent episode of ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2,’ contestant Abhishek Malhan was seen blaming his friend and co-housemate Elvish Yadav for terrible PR after entering the controversial reality show.

It happened after Bollywood actor and show presenter Salman Khan chastised Abhishek for his behavior and arrogance.

During the family week, the actor also expressed Abhishek’s views about ‘wildcard contestant’ in front of his mother Dimple Malhan.  

Abhishek was spotted conversing with his mother, during which he stated that a wild card contestant does not deserve to win. After that, Elvish sought to clarify the air about his friendship with Abhishek. 

Elvish and Abhishek were spotted discussing the eviction of Jad Hadid and Avinash Sachdeva from the show on Sunday.

Abhishek told Elvish that his mother warned him of the terrible PR on social media that began after Yadav entered the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house. 

Elvish, on the other hand, refused and both agreed to figure it out after the show. 

The grand finale is scheduled for August 13.

Pooja Bhatt, Jiya Shankar, Abhishek, Elvish, Bebika Dhurve, and Manisha Rani are among the housemates competing for the winner’s trophy. 

Abhishek Malhan Vs. Elvish Yadav in Big Boss Finale?

Abhishek Malhan and Elvish Yadav were close friends in the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house. However, they had a tiff during the October 2022 episode, when Abhishek accused Elvish of doing negative PR against him outside the show. This left Elvish emotional and tearful.


Abhishek said that he had heard from his mother that Elvish’s fan pages had been posting negative things about him on social media since he entered the house as a wild card contestant. He also said that he had seen Elvish’s friends making fun of him in the live feed.

Elvish denied the allegations, saying that he would never do anything to hurt Abhishek. He said that he had always supported Abhishek and that he was only trying to help him win the show.

The tiff between Abhishek and Elvish caused a lot of drama in the Bigg Boss house. It also led to some fans of the show taking sides and arguing about who was in the right.

In the end, Abhishek and Elvish patched things up and remained friends. However, the incident showed that even close friends can have disagreements when they are in a competitive environment like Bigg Boss.

Here are some additional details about the tiff between Abhishek and Elvish:

  • The tiff happened after Avinash Sachdev and Jad Hadid were evicted from the show.
  • Abhishek was feeling vulnerable after the evictions, and he was also feeling like a “villain” of the show.
  • He took it out on Elvish, accusing him of doing negative PR against him.
  • Elvish was hurt and emotional by the accusations, and he denied them.
  • The tiff caused a lot of drama in the Bigg Boss house, and it also led to some fans of the show taking sides.
  • In the end, Abhishek and Elvish patched things up and remained friends.