28 February 2024

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Canada Allegations and India’s Response

Canada informed India about the revised travel advice, which was based on specific movies targeting Canadians on the internet, well in advance.

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar’s address to the United Nations General Assembly in New York tomorrow is expected to respond to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s “credible allegations” about Indian involvement in the June killing of Pak-trained Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Nijjar.

Revised Travel Advisory: Impact on India-Canada Relations

While New Delhi waits for Canada to give formal proof tying India to the execution of Khalistan Tiger Force head Nijar, it is clear that Trudeau’s Sikh politics would not enable him to back down on the subject. Whether or whether the facts or intelligence will stand up in court, Trudeau is likely to toss any Indian name into the mix and blame the Nijjar murder on him or her.

The Sikh vote is so significant in Canadian politics that when Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Canada in 2015, he suggested that he visit a Surrey Gurudwara in British Columbia. It’s another thing entirely that PM Modi has fans even in that radicalised hamlet two hours away from Vancouver.

Meanwhile, Canada updated its travel advise to India after alerting South Block of the forthcoming exercise well in advance, since several films targeting Canada circulated on the internet. It is believed that New Delhi was notified at a top level that the travel alert was being revised, but nothing should be taken seriously.

Since Trudeau chose the Canadian Parliament as his platform to level unsubstantiated allegations against the Modi government for ordering an extra-judicial killing, it is expected that a proper response in Jaishankar’s style will be delivered in his speech to the United Nations General Assembly tomorrow before boarding a train to Washington DC for bilateral meetings with the Biden Administration.

Five Eyes Alliance and Nijjar’s Murder

EAM Jaishankar will address bilateral ties as well as the legitimacy and integrity of the information presented to Canada by the Five Eyes Alliance on Nijjar’s murder during his discussions in Washington.

However, as time passes, it is incumbent on the Trudeau administration to identify the contract murderer of Nijjar, unless the Canadian aim is to keep the problem boiling with India and then make another baseless charge a month or two later to resurrect the issue.

India, for its part, has said unequivocally that, because the Modi administration had no participation in the political death of Nijjar, it supports the Canadian legal process but would contest any unfounded claim levelled against India. It is up to Trudeau or his Sancho Panza Jagmeet Singh to give serious proof on paper against India and halt the precipitous deterioration in bilateral ties precipitated by the Prime Minister and his Foreign Minister’s outrageous words.

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