21 February 2024

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CBI files FIR in Manipur viral video case

CBI files FIR in Manipur viral video case

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) said on Saturday that they had filed a FIR in connection with the viral video of two young tribal women being paraded naked by a mob in Manipur.

According to a top CBI official, the complaint was filed late Friday night.

The case has been handed to the CBI by the Manipur administration and the Union Ministry of Home Affairs for further investigation.

The Manipur Police have detained seven people in connection with the incident.

Despite the fact that the encounter occurred on May 4, a day after widespread ethnic violence erupted in Manipur, the video became viral this month.

Supreme Court Order on Manipur Viral Video Case

The Centre informed the Supreme Court on Thursday that the probe into the event had been entrusted to the CBI.

They further sought that the entire case, including the trial, be transferred to any state other than Manipur.

CBI files FIR in Manipur viral video case

The CBI has so far filed six separate FIRs in connection with the ongoing unrest in Manipur.

The seventh is the viral video FIR.

The video provoked widespread condemnation, with the opposition seeking a statement from Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Parliament.