27 February 2024

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ChatGPT's Custom Instructions

ChatGPT’s Custom Instructions Launched to minimize repeated prompts

OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, has added a ‘ChatGPT’s Custom Instructions’ function to their AI-powered chatbot. This feature eliminates the need for users to continually rewrite the same instructions for each query. Here’s how it can help people respond more effectively.

Custom Instructions on ChatGPT

ChatGPT’s Custom Instructions feature now allows users to express their preferences or requirements for generating responses. These instructions will be followed in all future interactions, reducing the need to repeat the same information.

For example, if a teacher mentions that they teach third-grade science, ChatGPT will remember it. Similarly, a developer can specify that they prefer a language other than Python for efficient code, and the model will recognize it. Even grocery shopping for a large family is made easier because ChatGPT can include the need for 6 servings in the supermarket list.

ChatGPT's Custom Instructions

According to the company article, implementing Custom Instructions can improve your relationship with plugins by delivering useful information to them. For example, if you specify your city while giving instructions and then use a restaurant reservation plugin, ChatGPT may leverage that city information to offer more accurate and context-aware recommendations when engaging with the plugin.

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ChatGPT’s Custom Instructions availability, how to use

According to the firm, Plus customers can access and use Custom Instructions by opting into the beta functionality.

  • To accomplish this on the web, click on your name, go to Settings, select Beta features, and then opt into Custom Instructions.
  • When you enable it, the Custom Instructions option will appear in the menu when you click on your name from now on.
  • Access the feature on iOS by going to Settings, New Features, and turning on Custom Instructions.
  • Following that, the ChatGPT’s Custom Instructions options will be available in the menu. This new feature provides greater capabilities and customisation.

According to the company, this feature will be initially available in beta for Plus plan members before gradually rolling out to other users in the next weeks. Users can also disable the feature by going to their data controls and making the necessary changes. It should be noted that the feature is presently unavailable in the United Kingdom and the European Union.