29 February 2024

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China's Beijing

China’s Beijing sweats in intense heat for record days in 2023

On Tuesday, China’s Beijing set a new record for the number of high-temperature days in a year, with 27 days, as a scorching heat wave swept through the Chinese metropolis.

The temperature observed by Beijing’s benchmark weather station in its southern suburbs reached 35.1 degrees Celsius (95.18 degrees Fahrenheit) at 12:20 pm (0420 GMT), breaking through the 35C high temperature line.

The previous record for high temperature days in a year was 26 days in 2000, following the establishment of the southern observatory in 1951.

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Average temperature of China’s Beijing

Between 1990 and 2020, the average number of days with temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius or higher in Beijing was 10.6, according to official data.

China's Beijing

Since last month, huge areas of China have witnessed periods of record high temperatures, with Beijing baking in harsh heat in June when temperatures rose beyond 41 degrees Celsius. China heatwave is on rise.

Extreme weather has seized the world, adding urgency to discussions this week between the United States and China, the world’s top greenhouse gas emitters.