29 February 2024

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COVID-19 was created as a ‘bioweapon’ for infecting humans intentionally: Wuhan researcher

Chao Shao, a researcher at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, has made assertions regarding the coronavirus’s (COVID-19) origins and related them to efforts to generate a highly infectious virus as a bioweapon.

The researcher Chao Shao revealed in an exclusive interview with Jennifer Zeng, a member of the International Press Association who provides first-hand information and unique insights about China and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), that his colleagues were given four variants of the virus to determine which one would spread most effectively, according to the ANI report. He called the coronavirus a “bioweapon.”

Chao Shao told a story about his colleague, Shan Chao, who admitted that their boss had given them four coronavirus strains to analyse. Their mission was to find the strain with the highest capacity to infect other species, including humans. These facts provide insight on the claimed plan to develop a highly infectious virus.

COVID-19: Suspicious activity during the 2019 Army World Games

Several of Chao Shao’s coworkers unexpectedly vanished during the 2019 Military World Games in Wuhan. They were later found to have been dispatched to hotels housing athletes from various nations to “check the health or hygiene conditions.” Chao Shao got sceptical since such jobs did not necessitate the use of virologists. He felt they were deliberately spreading the infection.

Unusual assignments in Xinjiang

Chao Shao revealed another troubling assignment in April 2020, when he was dispatched to Xinjiang to check the health of Uyghurs held in re-education centres. He questioned the need for a virologist to conduct health checks, citing different motivations. His suggestion raises concerns about virus spread or the impact of the infection on people.


Chao Shao’s insights extended from March to April 2020, offering a look into the larger picture regarding coronavirus origins. These shocking assertions provide insight on probable acts that may have aided in the spread of the epidemic.

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A recently disclosed study from US intelligence agencies failed to conclusively determine if researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology who became unwell in 2019 were infected with the COVID-19 producing coronavirus. The study also highlighted studies undertaken at the facility by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, but no clear relationship was established between their work and the epidemic.

The intelligence report’s publication does little to settle the controversial argument about the origins of the COVID-19 outbreak. With party squabbles and continuing investigations, the subject of how the epidemic began remains a source of contention. While Chao Shao’s assertions are noteworthy, further inspection and study are required to determine the complete truth regarding the virus’s origins and goals.