5 March 2024

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pimples after eating mangoes

Do you get pimples after eating mangoes? Here’s how to prevent

Mangoes are the only midsummer delicacy worth mentioning today. It’s manageable since now is the only time of year when the fruits are ripe, juicy, and tasty. Without inflating the benefits of mangoes, let us address the one drawback of this delicious summer delight. It’s those annoying zits! Our self-proclaimed love of mangoes is thwarted by outbreaks after eating them. 

Simply soak them in water before, as is traditional. Without a refrigerator and in a mango grove, much like our Indian parents. But how does immersing them in water prevent them from working as the normal “pimple generator”?

Why do you have pimples after eating mangoes

The presence of phytic acid in mangoes contributes to their predisposition to induce acne that enhance the chances of getting pimples after eating mangoes. Mangoes contain phytic acid, which causes the body to heat up. You may eliminate the phytic acid from them and lessen the amount of heat they produce by soaking them in water

The antinutrient phytic acid, found in the white sappy fluid of mangoes, interferes with the body’s capacity to absorb vitamins and minerals. Mangoes usually promote thermogenesis or an increase in body temperature and increase the chances of getting pimples after eating mangoes. Soaking them in water for 30 minutes reduces their thermogenic effects.

Here are three ways to eat mangoes without breaking out acne, heartburn, or acid reflux:

1. Pre-soak mangoes for two hours to avoid outbreaks after eating them.

2. To counteract the heat generated by mangoes, drink a glass of dairy-free or vegan milk with it.

3. Ripe mangoes should not be paired with yogurt since it may cause pitta imbalances and an increase in body heat.

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