17 May 2024

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Spotify HiFi audio

Check Out Spotify HiFi audio: The Most Expensive Plan Of New Launched

Spotify has been intending to deliver high-fidelity (Spotify HiFi audio) for some time, but it has yet to see the light of day. According to a new claim, Spotify will announce a premium subscription package that would include HiFi audio. This is also claimed to be the most expensive plan offered by the streaming service thus far. 

Spotify HiFi audio

HiFi audio is high quality audio that has improved sound reproduction and very minimal distortion in the audio transmission. This produces high-quality audio similar to what you’d hear on a CD. According to Bloomberg, the new Spotify plan will be the most expensive yet, and it will include a HiFi option. Internally, it’s nicknamed ‘Supremium,’ and Spotify intends to introduce it first in non-US areas. We anticipate that it will be released in India as well. 

Spotify HiFi audio

Spotify announced in 2021 that HiFi audio streaming would be available shortly, but the debut has been postponed. There is no information on when the new Spotify plan will be available, although it is likely to be shortly. 

Spotify HiFi plans price

The report also does not specify how much this novel approach would cost Spotify. Spotify HiFi audio is accessible in India for Rs 119 per month or Rs 1,189 per year. There are other plans, as well as bite-sized ones, that provide customers with ad-free listening. It would be fascinating to see how Spotify tries to advertise this, given that rivals Apple Music and Amazon Music already provide high-resolution audio as part of their current plans. 

Apple Music also provides lossless audio as part of its regular membership package, which starts at Rs 195 per month. However, Apple Music’s catalogue of lossless audio tracks is somewhat restricted. Amazon Music also provides high-resolution audio streaming, which is available in India with an Amazon Prime membership. There are other apps like Tidal offers only HiFi audio but the music streaming service is available only in select countries.