21 February 2024

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Project Iris

Google’s Project Iris joins the Google Graveyard. Check Out:

According to Business Insider, Google has terminated Project Iris, which was established to develop augmented reality spectacles. The IT titan worked on the spectacles for several years, but it was apparently cancelled following waves of layoffs and organisational reshuffles in recent months. The departure of Clay Bavor, the company’s previous chief of augmented and virtual reality, to launch a startup with Salesforce co-CEO Bret Taylor was another reason for Google’s decision. Furthermore, Google apparently continually changed its plan for the Iris spectacles, which became a cause of dissatisfaction for project team members. 

When The Verge first reported about Google’s Iris augmented reality glasses in early 2022, it stated that the item may be released in 2024. The Project Iris AR glasses were designed to seem like regular spectacles. An early version was said to be similar to a product called “Focals” by North, a Canadian business that Google acquired in 2020. In a video, Google also demonstrated a newer version with real-time AR translation. 

Google New Project instead of Project Iris

While the company has ceased development of its own AR devices, Business Insider reports that it still has significant augmented reality ambitions. Google appears to have chosen to focus on constructing an “Android for AR” rather than its own hardware.

Project Iris

According to reports, the company intends to follow the same economic model as its mobile platform and licence its AR software to manufacturers. Google is now working on Android XR for Samsung’s “extended reality” wearable devices, as well as a new platform called “micro XR” for glasses, according to Insider. 

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