26 February 2024

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Check Out The New WhatsApp Video Messages Feature

There are now video messages available on WhatsApp. Soon, WhatsApp will allow you to send video messages in addition to voice communications. You can rapidly record video messages on WhatsApp and send them, as the name suggests. According to WhatsApp, this capability has begun to roll out and will eventually be accessible to all users.

Videos sent via WhatsApp

You may still capture movies and send them inside of WhatsApp because the programme already includes a built-in camera. Video communications, however, are intended to be sent as “instant video messages” on WhatsApp. It will be as simple as sending voice messages to capture and send 60-second movies using WhatsApp.


How to send WhatsApp video messages

Simply hit the microphone button to change to the video button if you wish to send a video message.
Next, you can record a video message by pressing and holding.

To lock the screen and record the video hands-free, swipe up.

You can tap on a video message to hear the audio even though it will initially play on silent.
According to WhatsApp, all video communications and other app content are end-to-end encrypted. Additionally, you will be able to respond to each video message separately with a distinct emoji. Yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg made the new function official on Instagram’s Meta Channel. It will take a few weeks for the feature to be available to all users on both Android and iOS because it has only recently begun rolling out.

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