5 March 2024

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how to share WIFI passwords on Android and iOS

How to Share Wi-Fi password on Android and iOS

If you have a visitor staying with you for any amount of time, there is a strong chance they may ask you for your Wi-Fi password. This could lead to an awkward movement in which you struggle to remember it or read out a long string of numbers, letters, and symbols.

Although each one of us is aware that we must right our password anywhere in our house or write it on a sticky note and paste it in a safer place, this is certainly not a permanent solution. if your password is long or contains difficult-to-read symbols (is that an O or a 0? ), connecting your friends and family can be challenging.

It’s worth noting that if you frequently have strangers or large groups over, you should seriously consider setting up a guest or temporary share Wi-Fi network, which many routers allow you to accomplish. This is such a method that will help you keep your password safe rather than sharing it with anyone who visits your house.

However, both Google and Apple provide built-in ways to easily and securely share Wi-Fi password with individuals you trust. Here’s how to put them to use.

Share Wi-Fi password on Android

The most straightforward approach to share Wi-Fi password with an Android device is to create a QR code that others can scan to join the network right away. If you own a Pixel or other Android phone, you should:

  •  Go to Settings > Connection & Internet > Wi-Fi.
  • Tap on the settings icon next to your internet connection.
  • Click the Share button to confirm your identity. A screen displaying a QR code, the username of the Wi-Fi connection, and the password should appear.

The path to your Wi-Fi settings may alter significantly depending on your Android model and version. The method with a Samsung phone, for example, is slightly different

  • Go to Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi.
  • Tap on the settings option.
  • Tap the QR Code in the bottom-left corner. The written password is not included in Samsung’s QR code.

As long as the person’s phone is generally up to date, they should be capable to scan the QR code and join the network automatically. Yes, it even works for iPhone users trying to connect to your Wi-Fi.

If scanning the code fails for any reason, let that individual enter the password.

Share Wi-Fi Password via Nearby Share on Android

You can use Nearby Share Wi-Fi password if you don’t want to scan a QR code.  While this method also necessitates the development of a network share QR code, it does not involve QR code scanning.

Nearby Share is an Android feature that allows you to wirelessly share files and apps with nearby devices. It also allows you to exchange network information with other Android devices nearby. If you haven’t used this feature previously, you must first enable and configure Nearby Share. Here’s how to go about it.

  •  Head towards the Settings option on your Android device.
  • Scroll down and tap on Google.
  •  Next, select Devices & Sharing and tap on Nearby Share.
  •  Next, enable the switch for Use Nearby Share to turn it on.
  • Enable Bluetooth and Location on your phone.
  •  After that, generate a network share QR code by following the procedures in the first way.
  •  In the QR code screen, tap on Nearby Share and take your friend’s smartphones close to yours.
  •  Tap on your friend’s smartphone name and accept the connection if necessary.
  • Once the content is received, Click on Save network. The Android smartphone will automatically save and connect to the network.
  •  Tap Done to close Nearby Share.

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Share Wi-Fi password on iOS

Apple has introduced an easy way to share your password with other iPhone, iPad, and Mac users since iOS 11. To use it, make sure both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned on – the toggles are by default in Control Centre, which you can get by swiping down from the top-right corner of a phone with Face ID or from the bottom of a phone with a home button. You must also be connected to the network to which they are attempting to connect.

  •  Tell the individual to go to Settings > Wi-Fi. Then tap on your network.
  •  On your device, you should see a pop-up stating if you’d like to share your password. Tap the Share Password option to begin the process of logging in.

If you don’t see the prompt, it’s likely because Apple demands that both the person asking for the password and the recipient have your Apple ID email saved in their Contacts apps. If you’re having trouble, go to Settings, tap your name at the top, and double-check that your listed email addresses have been added to each other’s contact cards.

However, at that point, it’s usually just quicker to show them the password and have them fill it in. If you don’t remember it and have iOS 16 or later, you can find it by heading to Settings > Wi-Fi, tapping the blue button next to your connected network, and then clicking the password field. You’ll be able to see your password once you’ve authenticated yourself. 

You could then possibly copy and paste it into a message and send it to the individual with whom you’re attempting to share your Wi-Fi. Personally, I’d rather show them the screen and have them fill it in so my password isn’t sent by SMS or another messaging service but do whatever seems right for you.

Now, unfortunately, iOS does not provide a go-to option where you can easily share Wi-Fi password with an Android user. If you want to share your password with them, you must follow the manual processes outlined above.