26 February 2024

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Lost Mobile Phone

How To Track Your Lost Mobile Phone With IMEI Number?

Did you know that you may use your Android phone’s IMEI number to track it down? The IMEI number for IMEI number tracking is the unique identifying number for each mobile phone. Fun fact: practically every one of us loses our phone at some point in our life, but without a SIM card, GPS location, or Internet connectivity, it may appear that all is lost when your phone goes missing. However, the IMEI number is here to rescue the day!

The IMEI number serves as an identification certificate for your phone, but it may also be used to track your lost mobile phone. Network operators use IMEI Tracker to uniquely identify a mobile phone on the network and expand its offerings. The smartphone’s IMEI number may be located at the back of the device, either below the battery or on the back panel. Furthermore, the IMEI number is frequently used to trace a phone even if the SIM card has been replaced.

The phone tracking project has been in the works for some time, and it was created with the express purpose of decreasing theft and the counterfeit lost mobile phone business. The Indian government has spent around Rs 15 Crore to this initiative in the hopes of achieving a successful conclusion. Here’s how you can use IMEI number tracing to find your lost or stolen phone:

How to Track an IMEI Number to Find a Lost mobile Phone – IMEI Tracker

Step 1: Before beginning IMEI number tracing, submit a report with the police about the lost mobile phone and retain a copy of the report.

Step 2: Next, call your service provider to obtain a duplicate SIM card; when you request the IMEI number to be blocked, you will receive an OTP on this number. This will not only prevent you from tracking your misplaced phone, but it will also render it completely unusable to anyone who discovers it with malicious intent.

Step 3: Go to this page to block the IMEI and attach the required documents. A copy of the police report, identity evidence, the purchase invoice, and other information will be required.

Step 4: An OTP will be sent to the number you supplied; this should be the same number that was active on the phone before it was lost.

Step 5: You will be issued a request ID, which you can use to verify the requestor’s status and unblock the IMEI if necessary in the future.

What Is an IMEI Tracker?

When you register a complaint about a lost mobile phone, the network operator will add the device’s IMEI number to a central database as blacklisted, and other operators will likewise prohibit the device, preventing it from working on any network even if the SIM card is removed or changed. This new Department of Telecom programmes has a lot of potential and will hopefully help a lot of people.

Please keep in mind that, while it is technically not feasible to trace the lost mobile phone directly from your phone, the network operator can place the phone on an alert list. When connected to a network, the phone may be recognised in this manner.

You may do this by following the FIR procedure and putting your phone’s IMEI to the blacklist as described above. The whole process is designed to make the IMEI number tracking system easy.

You will ensure that law enforcement and network operators are on the lookout for your mobile phone. When they detect the cell phone on their network, the law enforcement authorities will contact you.

Examining the Status of Complaints on the CEIR Portal

After submitting a blocking request, anyone can immediately monitor the progress of their complaint on the CEIR site by following these easy steps:

Examining the Complaint Status on the CEIR Portal

Individuals may right away verify the progress of their complaint on the CEIR site once a blocking request has been made by following these easy steps:

Step 1: After submitting a request to ban a lost mobile phone. Go to the CEIR website’s homepage (https://ceir.gov.in/) and choose the cheque request status option.

Step 2: On the CEIR website homepage, click the “Check Request Status” button. A new page will display requiring you to input the unique request ID supplied when the locking request was submitted.

Step 3: After you click the submit button, you may view the status of your complaint. Pending, Processed, or Rejected will be shown.

Find My Device

Google’s “Find My Device” service is a greatly useful tool for consumers who wish to locate or trace their lost or stolen cellphones. If you’ve linked your Google account to your phone and selected the “Find My Device” feature, you can simply locate it. Keep in mind that this only works while the smartphone’s internet connection is active.

To locate your smartphone, go to the “Find My Device” page. You are then shown a list of devices that are linked to your Google account. Simply choose the device to monitor, and by clicking on its name, you can check its location displayed on a map on the side screen.

You will also have three choices: play a sound on the device, secure it, or erase its data.

The Advantages of IMEI Number Tracking

1) The IMEI number cannot be changed.

The IMEI number, which is used to track lost mobile phones, can never be modified by anybody. Even the robbers who took your phone are unable to change the number. The sim card or location can be removed, however the IMEI number cannot be replaced. As a result, it is critical to save the phone’s IMEI number. As a result, IMEI number tracking is simplified.

2) You can block the IMEI number.

You can stop using your mobile phone by blocking the IMEI number. Even if a thief obtains your phone, he will be unable to use it if the IMEI number is blocked. So, if your phone is stolen, the first thing you should do is disable the IMEI number. However, you have to first alert the police.

While there are some wonderful programmes available, such as Find my iPhone or Find my Phone on Android, they are worthless if the phone is not connected to the internet. Without an active internet connection, every app on the phone, whether third-party or first-party, fails to function. This is a necessary function for tracing your IMEI number.

What exactly is CEIR?

The Pilot of the Central Equipment Identity Register, or CEIR system, has been launched by the Government of India’s Centre for Department of Telematics. It is scheduled to go live across India on May 17, 2023. This enables users to disable or trace a lost mobile phone, as well as check for cloned phones. The new SIM card is also removed or replaced. This cutting-edge technology will effectively track down a misplaced cell phone. The Centre for Development of Telematics manages the register.

They collaborate with telecom providers and other regulatory agencies to trace down misplaced devices. CEIR is a common database containing all mobile providers’ IMEI number. Because each mobile phone has a unique IMEI number, it is simple to tell one phone from other.

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