28 February 2024

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Instagram Threads

In just 5 days, Instagram Threads has over 145 million users

When Instagram Threads was released, practically everyone rushed to the app. It’s the newest Twitter competitor to emerge, and it has the potential to seriously undermine the microblogging site. Threads has seen a rapid increase in the number of user sign-ups, reaching two million in just the first two hours. Within five days after its launch, the app had topped 145 million users. 

Instagram Threads 145 million users

Instagram Threads presently has over 145 million registered users. The most recent figures are viewable in the Instagram app. You can see it by launching the app, heading to your profile, and tapping on the hamburger button. You’ll see a new ‘Threads’ option here; click on it to get a QR code ticket. You’ll see the number of users who have signed up for the app right next to your username in the ticket.

At the time of writing, Instagram Threads had over 145 million users registered on the app. Since its launch last week, the app has shown fairly consistent growth. Threads had two million users in the first two hours, according to Zuckerberg. It then swiftly surpassed 10 million sign-ups in seven hours. The app apparently reached 50 million users on its first day. 

Instagram Threads

Aside from being the most recent trend to catch, Threads has amassed a massive userbase in a short period of time for good cause. Meta linked Threads to Instagram, making it easier for users to sign up for the service. So you sign in with your Instagram account and follow the same individuals. Instagram also allows you to maintain your profile image, bio, and verified badge. 

Another factor could be the current instability on Twitter, which began with Musk’s takeover. Twitter has begun charging for most of its functions and has even limited the number of tweets that unverified users can see in a single day. It will be interesting to see how long Instagram can keep its Threads userbase, as well as whether it is just a fad.

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