5 March 2024

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Instagram Threads

Instagram Threads Popularity Declines by 50% Since Launch

SimilarWeb claims that the potential user base of Instagram Threads, a competitor of Twitter, has decreased since the service’s inception. After a strong first week, the app’s engagement time has been gradually declining. Previously, Threads was the fastest mobile application to gain 150 million downloads in just six days, according to a Republic report, marking a historic milestone.

However, it appears that Twitter’s user base has suffered as a result of the app’s popularity. At the moment, Instagram Threads has about 23.5 million users or nearly 22% of Twitter’s user base. Other Twitter competitors have not enjoyed the same levels of excitement after their launches as it did, despite the huge anticipation it received during its initial launch.

What does the SimilarWeb data reveal?

The survey claims that after experiencing an early boom in popularity as the fastest-growing program, Instagram Threads has seen a fall in user engagement. Between July 7 and July 14, when there were 49 million daily active users, there were only 23.6 million.

Moreover, the time spent using the app each day has decreased significantly from 21 minutes to barely seven minutes in the United States, where user engagement was initially highest.

Instagram Threads

The CEO of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, recently mentioned in a thread post that the company’s present priorities aren’t just on engagement, which has been impressive, but also on overcoming the usual first turbulence that every new product goes through. Instead, the team is committed to improving the app through the addition of new features, performance optimisation, and content ranking algorithm refinement. 

In addition to concentrating on enhancing the functionality and user experience of the app, Adam Mosseri noted that Instagram is aggressively addressing spam attack-related problems. The business intends to put more stringent controls in place, such as rate limitations and other safeguards, to stop these spam attempts. In spite of the fact that he acknowledged that these steps are required to combat spam, he also noted that they can mistakenly restrict the activities of some genuine users, resulting in what he called “false positives.”

By addressing these issues, Instagram hopes to make its users’ experience safer and more pleasurable by finding a balance between spam prevention and maintaining the active participation of genuine users on the platform.

The SimilarWeb analysis points out that Threads had a promising start as a possible Twitter rival, but it still has a long way to go to win over users used to using social networking sites that are largely focused on texts and articles.

Even though they were considered competitors of Twitter, Mastodon, and Bluesky did not see consistent user engagement or repeat visits, according to the analysis on the subject of past Twitter alternatives. This implies that attracting and keeping users in the very competitive social media field is a difficult task, especially for platforms looking to provide unique features or target niche markets.

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Twitter Vs. Instagram Threads

The SimilarWeb data shows that Twitter has mostly suffered because of Instagram Threads growing engagement. Twitter.com web traffic fell by 5% over the first two days when Threads was made broadly available when compared to the same days last week. The statistics for the most recent 7 days reveal that, despite a slight recovery, online traffic to Twitter’s platform is still down 11% on a yearly basis.

Instagram Threads

This drop in Twitter’s website traffic occurs at a time when the social media behemoth has been struggling with user retention issues since last year. The competitive nature of the social media environment and the necessity for platforms to consistently adapt and innovate to keep and attract users are highlighted by the increased interaction on Threads, which is matched by the drop in Twitter’s site traffic.

Given that the application is still unavailable in the EU, the SimilarWeb research underlined that Threads saw its largest usage in the United States. Users originally spent an average of 21 minutes on the app as a result of the initial enthusiasm among US users, which led to a considerable increase in engagement. However, after the initial thrill subsided, the engagement rate finally fell to 6 minutes.

It’s essential to remember that the report’s conclusions are largely based on usage data from Android-powered smartphones because measuring usage on these devices is easier than it is on iOS-powered ones. According to the report, information on user numbers on Apple platforms should become accessible in the ensuing weeks, giving a more complete picture of Threads’ user base and engagement on other platforms.

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