25 February 2024

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Instagram Threads

Instagram Threads Surpasses 50 million downloads in a single day as Twitter Prepares to sue Meta: Report

Instagram’s Twitter competitor ‘Threads‘ was released on Thursday and has already grabbed the internet by storm. As a direct competitor to Twitter, the app was launched as Instagram’s “response to Twitter.” Threads, like Twitter, is a text-based programme with very similar UI and functionalities. Twitter should be concerned since Instagram Threads has gained 50 million users in just one day.

Instagram Threads the fastest-growing app ever?

Although Meta has yet to release official data for Threads, there have been reports on the amount of user sign-ups since the app’s release. Threads has topped 48 million user sign-ups, according to internal data revealed by Meta with The Verge’s Alex Heath. Later, Threads user Joe Scannell announced that the app had 50 million users. These aren’t official figures, but it wouldn’t be unexpected if they were, and the number is anticipated to rise even further. 

Instagram head Adam Mosseri did share a small update about how Threads is doing so far.

“Things have been hectic behind the scenes this week, most of the Threads team is focused on keeping the app up and fixing all the bugs we’re finding. It feels a little bit like what working at this company felt like 10 years ago, everyone’s rolling up their sleeves, hustling, and trying to help the best they can. We didn’t expect 10s of millions of people to sign up in less than a day, but supporting that is the definition of a champagne problem,” Mosseri posted on his Instagram channel.

Instagram Threads Surpasses 50 million downloads

Instagram included a very clever and user-friendly method for users to join Threads. You log in with your Instagram account and may import all of your existing data to Threads, including the people you follow, bio, and verified badge. Even though the app is young, it already has some familiarity. It’s also the closest thing to Twitter in terms of popularity when compared to past competitors. There’s also a sneaky but harsh approach to keep the user base: you can only terminate your Threads account by also deleting your Instagram account. However, you can still deactivate it. 

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Instagram Threads vs Twitter

Twitter is clearly feeling the heat from its new rival, and it plans to sue Meta for Threads. According to Semafor, Twitter lawyer Alex Spiro wrote a letter to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. In the letter, Twitter accuses Meta of gaining access to the former’s “trade secrets and other highly confidential information.” It even claims that Meta hired “dozens of Twitter employees” to construct this “copycat” software using their Twitter knowledge. 

It’s worth noting that Musk sacked a large number of people after taking over Twitter. Meta, on the other hand, denies having any former Twitter employees working on the Threads app, according to the report. Musk has also been loud in his responses to Threads tweets, saying, “Competition is fine, cheating is not.” 

Twitter does intend to sue Meta, so that will be interesting to watch. However, it appears that Meta is enjoying all of the attention from its new Twitter-clone for the time being.