5 March 2024

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Instagram Threads

Instagram Threads Vs. Twitter: Check out amazing features and how to get started

Instagram’s Twitter rival ‘Threads’ has arrived and is now available to everyone. Instagram Threads is a text-based programme where you may submit text updates, similar to Twitter. The difference here is that you must have an Instagram account to use Threads. The new software takes on Twitter at a time when the microblogging network is undergoing significant changes. 

What is Instagram Threads all about?

Threads is essentially the Instagram equivalent of Twitter. It has a similar user interface and functionality to Twitter, in that you post text updates that are shown in a centralised feed. Instagram has done this by incorporating the main app’s functions into Threads. So, just as you can like, comment on, and share Instagram posts, you can do the same with Threads text posts.

Before we get started with Threads, let’s take a peek at how the software appears. You get a centralised home feed that includes all text updates from people you follow as well as recommended accounts. There are distinct tabs at the bottom for searches, new threads, notifications, and profiles. When you visit your profile, you’ll notice two layouts: one for the Threads you create and another for your answers.

Instagram Threads

Instagram has adopted more Twitter functionality, such as the reshare and quote tweet buttons. You can accomplish the same thing on Threads. Threads also allow you to upload photographs, videos, and links in addition to text. 

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How to download and use Instagram Threads

  • Instagram Threads is available to download on iOS and Android.
  • You can head to the App Store or Google Play Store to download the new app.
  • Once the app has been installed, you’ll see the option to login with your Instagram account.
  • If you have multiple Instagram accounts you can choose which one to login with.
  • You can set up your profile with a new profile picture, bio and links or you can simply import it from your Instagram account. 
  • Then you get to choose whether you want to keep your Threads profile private or public. 
  • The setup continues with the option to follow the same accounts from your Instagram or not.
  • Your Instagram Threads profile is now ready to use. 

It’s important to remember that this is Instagram’s second effort at developing a new app. The first one, Threads, was an Instagram app solely for your closest Instagram friends. Other capabilities included submitting a status update that was viewable in your DM inbox. However, the app was short-lived, and Instagram chose to discontinue it.