26 February 2024

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iPhone 14 Discounts Await in Flipkart’s Big Saving Days Sale

For those who have been considering buying the iPhone 14 for some time but have been deterred by its price, Flipkart’s Big Saving Days sale presents a wonderful chance. The iPhone 14, one of the most well-liked smartphones in the nation, will be offered at a considerable discount during the approaching sale.

The Flipkart Big Saving Days sale is planned to begin on July 15 and go until July 19. Before the sale, Flipkart teased a number of offers, including reductions on iPhones. The website’s advertisement header makes it appear as though there would be tempting deals available, with iPhones taking centre stage.

Exciting Offers Expected on iPhone 14 and More

Flipkart previously provided amazing discounts on the iPhone 14 in May, so it is probable that they will provide customers with exciting deals this time around as well.

Currently, the iPhone 14 with 128GB storage can be purchased on Flipkart for a price of 70,999, which is a big discount from the original price of 79,900. The fact that this pricing is lowered and is accessible two days before the start of the next sale should not be overlooked. In the near future, it is anticipated that the price of the iPhone 14 will decrease even further.

In May, during the Big Saving Days sale, Flipkart offered a notable discount on the iPhone 14, selling it for 67,999 rupees, which was 12,000 rupees less than its list price.

As a result, it is projected that the iPhone 14 will be offered in the next sale for between 60,000 and 65,000.

The issue of whether the iPhone 14 will receive a discount, however, will soon be answered. Additionally, it’s anticipated that the sale would provide reduced costs for additional iPhone 13 model options as well as a number of iPhone 14 versions.