5 March 2024

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Is Video Content the Ultimate Engagement Tool in 2023?

The landscape of business advertising and brand promotion has been irrevocably transformed by the advent of social media. Traditional marketing channels have given way to the dominance of digital platforms, with the crux of modern business success resting upon social media content.

In this era of digital content creation and dissemination, businesses are presented with a multitude of options. The question arises: which content types should businesses harness to reach and captivate their audience effectively?

Let’s explore some of the top content types for engagement, including images, blog posts, videos, and even audio-like podcasts. We’ll delve into why, in our estimation, videos reign supreme as the most vital content form for businesses in 2023.


Images have long played a pivotal role in advertising and marketing. From iconic magazine ads to towering billboards of yesteryears, the power of imagery remains undiminished. However, the modern era has shifted this imagery onto social media platforms, with giants like Facebook and Instagram leading the charge. The beauty of images lies in their simplicity and immediacy—consumers can grasp a message within seconds. Skillfully crafted images can convey information seamlessly, often without the viewer even realizing it. With over 3 billion images posted online daily, it’s evident how crucial images are for brands seeking to make an impact.

Video Content

The days of exclusively tuning in to TV or visiting cinemas for video content are history. Today, billions have access to an endless stream of video content right at their fingertips, thanks to smartphones and sprawling social networks. While YouTube initiated the video content revolution in 2005, the explosive ascent of TikTok in recent years underscores the potency of video content. TikTok, with its algorithm-driven video-sharing platform, boasts hundreds of millions of users and witnesses a staggering 34 million videos uploaded every day. This surge in popularity underscores the modern consumer’s deep engagement with video content. To leverage video effectively for brand marketing, mastering the art of crafting engaging videos is imperative. Video templates can offer a framework for those less experienced in video editing, providing guidance for skill improvement.

Blog Posts

Written content in the form of blog posts, while seemingly more traditional compared to images and videos, still holds value for brands seeking to maximize their social media content strategy. While images and videos offer snapshots, blogs can dive deep into topics, delivering substantial information. Instructional and informative content resonates with consumers, helping them understand product usage and benefits. Blogs should be informative, newsworthy, and educational, with a dash of entertainment if possible. Maintaining a personal, informal tone while delivering valuable insights is essential. Error-free writing is non-negotiable, as poor grammar and spelling can harm your brand’s professional image.


Lastly, audio content, primarily in the form of podcasts, has gained immense popularity in recent years. Podcasts cater to a wide range of interests and are consumed during commutes, travel, relaxation, and more. The podcast market is vast, making it an avenue no brand should ignore. However, brand-specific podcasts may not be the most effective approach. Instead, consider collaborating with popular podcasters to run short audio ads on their shows, thereby reaching vast, engaged audiences.


In conclusion, contemporary marketing is unequivocally driven by content. While images, blog posts, and audio hold significance, video content reigns supreme in engaging viewers and conveying your brand’s message effectively. The creation of video content need not be daunting, as a plethora of tools and resources are readily available to facilitate skill acquisition and technique refinement.

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Why is video content so important in 2023?

Video content is important in 2023 because it is the most engaging form of content. People are more likely to watch a video than read a blog post or look at a picture. Video is also a great way to tell a story and connect with your audience on an emotional level.

What types of video content are most popular in 2023?

Some of the most popular types of video content in 2023 include:
* Product demos
* Explainer videos
* Educational videos
* Live videos
* Stories
* Behind-the-scenes videos
* Customer testimonials
* Blogs

How can I use video content to improve my marketing strategy?

There are many ways to use video content to improve your marketing strategy. For example, you can use videos to:
* Promote your products or services
* Generate leads
* Increase brand awareness
* Drive traffic to your website
* Engage with your social media audience
* Improve your search engine rankings

What are some of the best video marketing platforms?

Some of the best video marketing platforms include:
1. YouTube
2. Facebook
3. Instagram
4. Twitter
5. LinkedIn
6. TikTok
7. Vimeo
8. Wistia