27 February 2024

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Jailer Film’s Historic Box Office Debut

Not only is India enjoying a Rajinikanth fever, but also the USA. As it prepares to enter theatres tomorrow, August 10, Jailor is dominating the box office. According to early box office reports, the movie is almost essential in both of those countries, and due to its tremendous excitement, it is probably going to be the greatest Tamil opening of 2023.

A recent 123telugu report says Jailer, starring Rajinikanth, has already made over $800K at the US box office prior to its theatrical debut. Considering this information, industry experts predict that the Nelson-directed film will pass the $1 million mark in the USA just via premieres.

Record-Breaking First Day for ‘Jailer’ at Box Office, Fueled by Rajinikanth’s Star Power

According to predictions, Rajinikanth’s Jailer will be the first Indian movie to gross $1 million or more in the United States this year. Because of the film’s well-made trailer and other advertising, there is a lot of excitement for it.


According to a Pinkvilla report, as of Wednesday (August 9) at 3 p.m., Jailer has sold around 1,50,000 tickets in each of the three major theatre chains, PVR, Inox, and Cinepolis. It is anticipated that the film would end the count with close to 2,000,000. According to the site, the movie made over Rs 30 crore over the course of the weekend in Tamil Nadu after selling tickets worth Rs 13 crore on its opening day alone. According to the report, the movie targets for an opening day in Tamil Nadu of between Rs 20 and Rs 23 crore and an overall total of about Rs 40 crore.