5 March 2024

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PM Modi

Manipur Violence: Modi Responds On Two Manipur women paraded naked

Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticised the instances tied to sexual crimes in Manipur on Thursday, saying, “What has happened to Manipur’s daughters can never be forgiven, and the guilty will not be spared.” He also encouraged all state heads to safeguard women’s protection.

Speaking to reporters before the Parliament’s Monsoon session, which begins today, Prime Minister Modi stated, “This is a horrible act for any community…Who did this and who is responsible is another question, but it has embarrassed our country. I call on all chief ministers to strengthen law and order. Whether in Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, or Manipur, the problem of a woman’s honour transcends all political boundaries.

This comes a day after a 76-day-old video leaked on social media showing two women being forced to disrobe and parade along village streets. Manipur’s crimes are tied to ethnic Manipur violence.

Manipur Horror: Main accused arrested

Meanwhile, the primary suspect in the case, Heradas (32), was apprehended on Thursday in Thoubal district. According to authorities, he was apprehended using a viral video of him wearing a green shirt.

Later, Chief Minister Biren Singh stated that an extensive inquiry is ongoing and that harsh punishment will be taken against the culprits. He stated, ‘Considering the prospect of capital punishment,’

The opposition parties have stated that the Manipur Violence subject should be debated in Parliament and that the debate should take place in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Several opposition MPs have filed notifications in both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha, demanding that the situation be discussed.

Manipur violence: Complete Information

Manipur has been rocked by violence since May 3, when the Kuki and Naga groups protested the High Court’s judgement for the state administration to consider including the Meitei community among the Scheduled Tribes (ST). Only STs are allowed to purchase land in hilly areas.

Manipur Violence

The majority Meitei community, which resides in the Imphal Valley and surrounding areas, sought ST classification in order to purchase property in the mountainous areas due to their growing population and rising need for land.

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