1 March 2024

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Netflix's password sharing plan

Netflix’s password sharing plan is restricted in India. Check Out

Netflix, the world’s largest streaming platform, has announced a strategy to fight password sharing in India. The corporation started sending emails to customers in the country. These emails make it quite apparent that Netflix accounts are intended to be used just within a single household and information about new Netflix’s password sharing plan.

“Starting today, we will be sending this email to members who are sharing Netflix outside their household in India,” Netflix said in an official statement.

Netflix's password sharing plan

It stated that a Netflix account is only for one household, which means that everyone in that household may access Netflix wherever they are – at home, on the go, on vacation — and take use of new tools such as Transfer Profile and Manage Access and Devices.

“We recognise that our members have a variety of entertainment options. “This is why we continue to invest heavily in a diverse range of new films and TV shows — so that whatever your taste, mood, or language, and whoever you’re watching with, there’s always something satisfying to watch on Netflix,” the company stated. 

Netflix implemented these password-sharing limitations earlier this year in over 100 countries, including major markets such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Mexico, and Brazil. 

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Netflix’s password sharing plan

It also allowed paying customers to register an additional person from outside their household for an additional monthly cost. This cost is fixed at $8 (660) in the United States. To provide a consistent experience, users can transfer a person’s profile, allowing them to keep their watching history and personalised suggestions.

These actions come as Netflix continues to test new techniques and regulations to address the widespread practise of Netflix’s password sharing plan, which is believed to affect over 100 million homes worldwide. Netflix reported a global subscription base of 232.5 million paying customers as of March.