29 February 2024

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Pakistan Repels Major Insurgent Assault Amid Rising Border Tensions

Pakistan successfully repelled a major insurgent assault that was launched from Afghanistan on September 6. Officials have revealed that two military outposts in the rough Chitral District were the target of the armed attackers, who were in their hundreds and were armed with a variety of light and powerful weapons.

Taliban’s Afghan Control Fuels Tensions in Pakistan Chitral District

The increase in violence comes when the Taliban gained control of Afghanistan in 2022, which increased the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) organization’s morale, according to AFP. Islamabad has consistently charged the Afghan government of providing a safe haven to these extremists, despite Afghanistan’s protestations.

Mohammad Ali, the deputy commissioner of Chitral, said preparations had started after security authorities had been keeping an eye on suspected cross-border movements for several days.

According to Ali, “Informers have also sent us information about the militant group movement,” according to AFP. They had both light and heavy weaponry, and they numbered in the hundreds. The attack was met with our preparation, and the shooting continued for about four hours.

The Pakistani military was successful in fighting off the attacks. The action resulted in the deaths of four troops, according to Pakistan’s Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), who also said that 12 terrorists were also killed.

The attempted infiltration was later claimed by the TTP, who also made the unfounded claim that they had taken control of two Pakistani military outposts in the Chitral region’s Bomburit district.

Chitral, a beautiful area popular by domestic travellers due to its high hills and valleys, has lately increased its security measures. The district is around 200 km northwest of Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan.

Pakistan has seen an increase in insurgent activities

Pakistan has experienced a 50% increase in insurgent activity along its western border since the Taliban retook control of Afghanistan, according to a research by the Pak Institute for Peace Studies.