29 February 2024

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Pakistan's Seema Haider 

Pakistan’s Seema Haider is being investigated by the ATS for unlawful entry into India

On Monday, the Anti-Terrorist Squad of Uttar Pradesh started an inquiry into the case of Pakistani woman Seema Ghulam Haider, who illegally came into India to marry and live with her Indian partner. According to Zed News, the ATS will look into the path Seema Haider took on her way to India.

The UP ATS will look into Seema Haider and her family’s whole background. The network of routes she used and the cellphone number she used while travelling to other countries will be investigated from several viewpoints.

Seema Haider flew from Pakistan to Dubai, then from Dubai to Nepal. She entered India illegally through Nepal, generating major security concerns. Seema and her partner were detained earlier this month for entering India without a legal visa. Sachin, her boyfriend, was arrested for assisting her. The two were eventually released on bail and are now residing in Noida.

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Seema Haider converted her religion

Sachin and Seema have been arguing with the authorities to permit their marriage and enable her to remain in the nation. Seema Haider claims to have changed her faith and is now a Hindu. Her actions drew repercussions from her Pakistani family, who have allegedly shunned her for breaking Muslim traditional standards.

Seema Haider 

“I have adopted his religion and culture and changed the names of my four children, who refer to Sachin as ‘Baba.'” Sachin’s parents have also embraced me, and I have absorbed all of their cultural practises and will live with them in the future,” Seema Haider added.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) raised concern about reports that these gangs have threatened to attack places of worship in the neighbourhood. They have stated that sophisticated weaponry will be used. In response, the HRCP requested the Sindh Home Department to conduct an immediate investigation into this matter.