23 February 2024

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Pink WhatsApp scam

Pink WhatsApp scam on the rise; Check How to prevent this WhatsApp scam

WhatsApp is the most commonly used messaging software, making it a popular target for hackers and scammers. One scam currently targeting users on WhatsApp is known as “Pink WhatsApp.” There are many different types of WhatsApp scams that circulate. This new Pink WhatsApp asserts to be a pink-themed version of the application, as the name suggests. 

Pink WhatsApp scam

According to reports, links to download the Pink WhatsApp version have been sent to WhatsApp subscribers. This application offers a new pink theme that you can utilise and makes the claim that it is a new version of WhatsApp.

Pink WhatsApp scam

But it’s a dangerous link, and downloading this bogus WhatsApp version can potentially infect your phone with malware, warns Mumbai Police in a tweet.

This harmful link has the potential to harm other WhatsApp users with whom you have ongoing conversations. Another example is that you can start seeing a lot of adverts once the malware is on your phone. The worst-case situation is when hackers gain access to your phone and your private and sensitive data, including contacts, messages, and images. 

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How to prevent Pink WhatsApp scam

This scam employs one of the most prevalent methods, which is to send a link to many users. The link and accompanying message could potentially be designed to attract the user to download it. It’s vital to remember that any updates to WhatsApp will only be available via Google Play or App Store. So any message purporting to offer a new version of WhatsApp is obviously a fraud. 

Also, any link that appears even somewhat suspect should be ignored. It’s also a good idea to notify your friends and relatives if you find any such links. This Pink WhatsApp scam is also not new, having originally occurred in April 2021, but it appears to have reappeared.