29 February 2024

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BRICS Summit

PM Modi will go to the Johannesburg BRICS Summit

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After weeks of rumours, Prime Minister Narendra Modi confirmed over the phone with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa that he will be attending the BRICS Summit in South Africa.

“President Ramaphosa informed PM on the preparations for the BRICS Summit, which South Africa will host from August 22–24, 2023. According to a press release from the Ministry of External Affairs, “PM welcomed the invitation and expressed that he looked forward to his visit to Johannesburg to participate in the Summit.

According to the press release, Ramaphosa expressed his complete support for India’s actions as part of its current G-20 Presidency and expressed excitement about travelling there to attend the G-20 Summit.

BRICS Summit

President Vladimir Putin’s cancellation of his attendance to the BRICS Summit sparked rumours about the Prime Minister’s attendance. Following accusations of an attempt to deport Ukrainian children to Russia, the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest order for Putin in March of this year. South Africa may have been forced to detain Putin because it signed the Rome law, which oversees the ICC. This sparked a heated discussion in South Africa on whether the nation should fulfil its duties. Putin eventually made the decision to participate online rather than in person at the conference.

Johannesburg BRICS Summit

According to a news release about their talk, Modi and Ramaphosa “positively assessed the progress in bilateral cooperation, including in the context of the thirtieth anniversary of establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations being celebrated in 2023.”

They also discussed a variety of regional and global problems of shared interest, the report says. The organization’s membership, which currently consists of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, is set to grow at this year’s BRICS Summit.

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