1 March 2024

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Niger President

The President of Niger requests assistance from other countries to restore constitutional order

According to an AFP report, elected Niger President Mohamed Bazoum on Thursday made a plea to the US administration and the entire international community for assistance in restoring the nation’s constitutional order, which is being attacked by a military dictatorship.

If a coup attempt to remove him is successful, according to Bazoum’s opinion piece in The Washington Post, “it will have devastating consequences for our country, our region, and the entire world.” As a hostage, I am writing this.

“A military junta is attacking Niger, and I am only one of hundreds of people who have been wrongfully and unjustly detained in prison. The junta must release everyone they have wrongfully imprisoned, and this coup must come to an end, he stated in the column, as reported by AFP.

Niger President
General Abdourahmane Tiani, who was declared as the new head of state of Niger by leaders of a coup, arrives to meet with ministers in Niamey, Niger July 28, 2023. REUTERS/Balima Boureima

Notably, this was Bazoum’s first extensive appeal following his detention on July 26 and the subsequent takeover of the Niger government by his presidential guard. After the democratic elections of 2021, he assumed power.

Niger has served as a beacon of light

According to AFP, he claimed that Niger has served as a beacon of light in a region that was being increasingly battered by extremism and dominated by military juntas.

In contrast to the authoritarian tendencies that have taken hold in some of our neighbours, he observed, “Niger stands as the last bastion of respect for human rights in Africa’s troubled Sahel region.” Bazoum further cautioned that, at the price of their people’s rights and dignity, Niger’s neighbours have been enticing criminal Russian mercenaries like the Wagner Group.

Through the Wagner Group, whose vicious terrorism has been on full show in Ukraine, the entire Sahel region might come under Russian influence. Terrorist groups like Boko Haram would undoubtedly take advantage of Niger’s instability by using it as a base to target neighbours and threaten world peace, safety, and freedom, he continued.

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