21 February 2024

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Rahul Gandhi

BJP’s Response to Rahul Gandhi’s Comment “PM Would Start Explaining To God…”

On Tuesday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi addressed the Indian diaspora in the United States, where he is on a six-day tour.

Rahul Gandhi told an audience in San Francisco that there are people in India who believe they know more than God, and that Prime Minister Modi is “one such specimen.” Union Minister Anurag Thakur fired back, saying the Congress leader “couldn’t digest” the Prime Minister’s compliments and admiration during his recent international tours.

Rahul Gandhi said during the ‘Mohabbat Ki Dukaan’ event hosted by the Indian Overseas Congress USA that certain people are “absolutely convinced” that they know everything and can teach history to historians, science to scientists, and warfare to the army.

Rahul Gandhi's Comment

“The world is just too vast and complicated for any single human to comprehend. That is the illness…In India, there is a group of people who are completely sure that they know everything. They believe they know more than God. They can meet with God and discuss what is going on. Our Prime Minister is, of course, one such example. “If you sit Modiji with God, he will explain how the universe works, and God will be perplexed about what I have created,” the Congress leader remarked.

“They believe they can teach history to historians, science to scientists, and warfare to soldiers.” But at its heart is mediocrity. “They aren’t ready to listen,” he stated.

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The ruling party reacted angrily to the remarks. Union Minister Anurag Thakur accused Rahul Gandhi of disrespecting India on his foreign trips.

Rahul Gandhi Comment On PM Modi

“Rahul Gandhi insults India during his foreign visits, which is unacceptable.” He intends to criticise PM Modi but ends up insulting India, calling India’s progress into doubt. “He is attempting to tarnish India at a time when the world is recognising our rising stature,” Mr Thakur added.

“During his recent foreign visit, Narendra Modi India met nearly 24 PMs and Presidents from around the world and held over 50 meetings.” According to several foreign leaders, Modi is the most popular leader. “When the Australian Prime Minister said, ‘PM Modi is the Boss,’ Rahul Gandhi couldn’t believe it,” the Union Minister added.

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