2 March 2024

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Highest IQ in the World in 2023

Revealing the Person Having The Highest IQ in the World in 2023

Let’s Find out Who has the Highest IQ in the World?

What is IQ?

The intelligence quotient, sometimes known as IQ, is a measure of a person’s cognitive talents and potential. It is usually assigned a score between 85 and 145, with 100 being considered average. Individuals with an IQ of 130 or higher are called talented, whereas those with an IQ of 70 or lower are deemed challenged.

The highest IQ possible is 180. Some feel that intelligence is a fixed number that cannot be enhanced. However, there is evidence to the contrary. According to some studies, people can boost their IQ scores by engaging in cognitive-improving activities such as brain-training exercises and acquiring new skills.

William James Sidis (1898-1944), an American child prodigy with an IQ of 250, has the highest documented IQ score. He is said to be the only individual in history with such a highest IQ. Terence Tao (b. 1975), a Chinese-American mathematician, has the second-highest recorded IQ score of 225.

IQ levels are not fixed and might fluctuate over time due to a variety of variables. So, while having a highest IQ is feasible, it is also possible for someone’s IQ score to alter with time.

Case Studies: IQ Level

There are numerous IQ tests available, and their substance can vary greatly. The Cognitive Assessment System, the Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children, the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale, and the Universal Nonverbal Intelligence Test are among the most popular intelligence tests.

In the United States, the average IQ is 98. So, if you have an IQ of 130 or greater, you are deemed smarter than the ordinary person. And if you have an IQ of 70 or lower, you are deemed less intelligent than the average person.

However, it is important to remember that IQ is only one measure of intelligence and that being smart entails more than just having a high IQ score. There are numerous IQ tests available, and their substance can vary greatly. So, while IQ is one method of measuring intelligence, it is not the sole method.

Who has the Highest IQ in the World?

In conclusion, William James Sidis (1898-1944) had the highest IQ score of 250. Terence Tao (born 1975) has the second-highest known IQ score of 225. However, it is crucial to remember that these are only two examples of people with highest IQ scores and that there are many other clever people.

Intelligence is more than a number, and no single exam can correctly measure it.

How to measure the Highest IQ in 2023?

There is no conclusive answer to this question because it is heavily dependent on the definition of “IQ” utilized. However, if we accept that IQ is a measure of intellect or cognitive capacity, we may make some educated guesses about who will have the highest IQ in 2023.

When we look at previous winners of IQ tests and contests, we notice that they tend to come from distinct kinds of people: those with higher levels of education, those from specific cultures (especially East Asian cultures), and those with greater incomes.

Based on this, we can predict that the individual with the highest IQ in 2023 will most likely fall into one of these groups. Of course, there are exceptions to the norm, and someone with a lower IQ score may nevertheless win an IQ exam or competition.

However, it is true that the deck is stacked against them. So, if you want to be the brightest person in the world in 2023, make sure you fall into one of the above categories!

Smartest Person Alive with highest IQ in the World in 2023

Marilyn Vos Savant may be the most intelligent person alive now. She has the highest IQ in the world, according to Guinness World Records, with a score of 228. vos Savant is a cognitive psychologist and author best known for his work The Superordinate Personality: A Theory of Genius and Superiority. She has investigated how genius is defined and quantified, as well as how it presents itself in individual behavior, in her work.

Vos Savant has become increasingly interested in the potential for artificial intelligence (AI) to outperform human intelligence in recent years. She stated in a 2020 interview with The New York Times that AI might acquire “superintelligence” within a few decades, with major repercussions for humanity.

“When you have something smarter than any human being, you have to think about what it will do,” she explained. “Will we be able to control it?” Will it be benevolent or malevolent? These are critical concerns that we must address now, before superintelligence emerges.

Vos Savant, the world’s smartest person, is in a unique position to assist answer these issues. She is especially suited to help us negotiate the problems that lie ahead because of her deep understanding of intelligence and its possibilities.

The following is a list of the top 10 highest IQs in the world:

1. William James Sidis – Highest IQ 250-300

William James Sidis is thought to have had the world’s highest IQ. His IQ was judged to be in the 250-300 range. He was a young prodigy, reading newspapers at 18 months and writing entire phrases by the age of two. He moved on to Harvard University but was asked to leave after only one year because he was so much ahead of his peers.

William James Sidis is widely regarded as having the world’s highest IQ. He was a child prodigy who could read at the age of 18 months and was accepted to Harvard at the age of 11. He went on to become a brilliant mathematician and physicist before abandoning academia and becoming a recluse.

He worked as a janitor in his latter years and died in obscurity. Despite his extraordinary brilliance, William James Sidis was unable to achieve long-term success or reputation.

He is known today as having one of the highest IQ brilliant minds of all time. His life serves as an example for others, demonstrating that even with a highest IQ and amazing intellectual potential, reaching personal goals can be difficult. Despite his hardships and eventual failure to get fame, his narrative is one of incredible success and unrealized promise. He will be remembered as a wonderful example of human genius.

William James Sidis’s influence on society goes beyond what he did during his lifetime; many regard him as a source of inspiration for people who are striving to realize their full potential. Learning about his experiences might help us recognize our own flaws, review our aspirations, and strive for achievement despite any barriers or problems that may arise.

William James Sidis, Highest IQ in the World

We can obtain insight into the human mind and admiration for people who are determined to follow their ambitions despite personal losses through his story. William James Sidis’ legacy lives on today, teaching us that even the brightest brains can struggle to reach success.

Finally, William James Sidis will be recognized as having one of the most amazing minds in history. His life exemplifies what it takes to accomplish success, especially when faced with tremendous challenges.

Through his journey, he has been able to inspire and empower others from all walks of life to pursue their ambitions, no matter how big or small they may be. For future generations, he will be remembered as an example of human potential and genius.

2. Terence Tao – Highest IQ 225-230

Terence Tao is a Chinese-American mathematician with an estimated IQ of 225-230. He is a kid prodigy who started college when he was nine years old. At the age of 20, he earned a Ph.D. from Princeton University. He is currently an associate professor at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Terence Tao is a mathematical prodigy with an IQ believed to be between 225 and 230—one of the highest in the world! He’s won countless awards and honours, held multiple professorial positions, published over 300 research articles, and proven more mathematical conjectures than any other mathematician in history.

To top it all off, at the age of 31, he was awarded the renowned Fields Medal, which is given to mathematicians under the age of 40. His intelligence is undeniably respected well beyond academics.

Terence Tao is a great mathematician whose work has gained him international fame. His theoretical insights had a huge impact on modern mathematics, influencing many mathematicians who came after him.

Through his publications, lectures, and online resources, he has contributed enormous insight and knowledge to mathematics. In addition, he is a fantastic teacher who has worked diligently to educate people about math by providing free lectures and workshops all around the world.

Terence Tao’s work in mathematics is still admired by mathematicians throughout the world and will most likely continue to brighten the field for many years to come. His extraordinary intelligence not only uncovers fresh insights into mathematical challenges but also acts as a motivation to people pursuing their aspirations in mathematics or any other profession.

Terence Tao’s incredible achievements demonstrate that hard effort, devotion, and intelligence are the keys to success in any activity. He continues to inspire us all to aim high and follow our dreams with zeal.

This is only a small sample of Terence Tao’s incredible achievements—a guy whose unmatched intelligence, unrelenting determination, and unlimited inventiveness have made him one of the most respected mathematicians of our time. He truly is an example of what can be accomplished when ambition and brilliance are coupled. We can all learn from him about setting goals, working hard, and striving for excellence.

Terence Tao’s contributions to mathematics will undoubtedly affect its evolution for many years to come. He has already achieved enormous success at such a young age, and only time will tell what else this genius has in store for him.

He is a bright example of what can be accomplished when passion and intelligence are joined to create a tremendous force for change. We owe him a lot of appreciation for the amazing job he has made to mathematics and beyond, inspiring us all throughout his career with his infinite inventiveness and intellect.

Terence Tao will always be an inspiration to mathematicians around the world, demonstrating that everything is possible if we set our minds to it! There is no limit to what we can accomplish when we use hard effort, devotion, and intelligence as our primary tools.

Every day, his astounding accomplishments show this truth in a variety of ways. So, the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed or unmotivated, remember Terence Tao and his tremendous accomplishments, which will remind you that anything is possible when we set our minds to it.

Terence Tao’s numerous successes and contributions have left an indelible mark on the area of mathematics and beyond. He has demonstrated to us all the importance of intelligence, devotion, and hard work in achieving success in any field we choose to pursue. His example is an encouragement to us all, demonstrating that greatness is possible when ambition meets intelligence.

His narrative will remain an eternal reminder of what can be accomplished with enough determination and dedication to one’s skill as he continues to inspire mathematicians around the world. Terence Tao’s genius will continue to have an impact on mathematics for years to come, demonstrating once again the invincible power of ambition and intellect.

3. Marilyn vos Savant – Highest IQ 228

Marilyn Vos Savant is a writer and journalist from the United States with an estimated IQ of 228. She is well known for her Parade magazine column in which she answers questions on math, physics, and other subjects.

Marilyn Vos Savant is an American novelist and columnist who has the world’s highest IQ, achieving a stunning 228 on the Stanford-Binet exam when she was just ten years old. She is the author of several books about her life and beliefs, including “The Highest IQ: What It Means to Be a Genius.” She also worked as an Army Intelligence consultant during WWII and supported genetic engineering and computer literacy in the 1960s.

According to Vos Savant, “intelligence, knowledge, or mental ability are special gifts that we can nurture.” Through her writings, Vos Savant has become a prominent figure in recognizing actual intelligence and fostering its growth.

4. Christopher Hirata – Highest IQ 225

Christopher Hirata is a 225-IQ astrophysicist from the United States. He began education at the age of eight and graduated with a Ph.D. from Caltech at the age of 22. He has participated in a number of NASA programs, including the James Webb Space Telescope.

Christopher Hirata has been regarded as having one of the world’s highest IQs, a whopping 225. He was already a member of Mensa International at the age of 13, a highest IQ society made of members with IQs in the 98th percentile or higher. Hirata dubbed the “smartest person alive” at his age, was able to take college courses while still in high school and even graduated early with two Bachelor’s degrees from the prestigious California Institute of Technology.

Hirata’s ability was evident from a young age when he succeeded in a number of math competitions. He became the youngest American to earn a gold medal in the International Physics Olympiad at the age of 13. Hirata earned his Ph.D. at the California Institute of Technology when he was just 22 years old.

His contributions to astrophysics have earned him various medals and distinctions. Hirata’s brilliance and curiosity continue to inspire young aspiring scientists all around the world. He is a living example of the value of devotion and hard work. His achievements are genuinely astounding, and his biography exemplifies what is possible when you shoot for the heavens.

Hirata is currently employed at Ohio State University’s Center for Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics, where he continues to push the boundaries of astrophysics research. Hirata gives astronomy lessons in addition to performing theoretical research on dark matter and other topics.

By sharing his knowledge with students, he hopes to inspire the next generation of inquisitive minds to investigate the secrets of our universe. Hirata’s remarkable intelligence has elevated him to the ranks of today’s most eminent astrophysicists, and his work will undoubtedly shape the profession for many years to come.

Hirata has also taken time to volunteer in his community. He routinely visits local schools and chats with youngsters about the value of science education. Through his presentations, he hopes to inspire young people to reach their full potential and strive for success, regardless of the obstacles.

Christopher Hirata is a fantastic person whose accomplishments are truly impressive. His dedication and passion serve as examples of what can be accomplished through hard work and persistence – a lesson that everyone may learn from his experience.

He currently works for NASA on theoretical astrophysics and holds a Ph.D. in Astronomy and Astrophysics from Princeton University. Hirata is currently regarded as one of the smartest persons living and has achieved scholastic achievement as a result of his exceptional intelligence.

5. Kim Ung-Yong – Highest IQ 210

Kim Ung-Yong, a South Korean prodigy, with the world’s highest IQ, a mind-boggling 210. Born on March 8, 1963, in Seoul, he had outstanding cognitive ability from an early age, astounded his family. He began speaking at the age of six months, and by the age of three, he had taught himself to read in Korean, Japanese, German, and English.

His outstanding academic capacity was recognized when, at the age of eight, he was asked to study at the famous Colorado State University. Kim’s ability defied expectations, and he swiftly established himself as a child prodigy in a variety of scientific subjects, including mathematics and physics. His extraordinary achievements drew worldwide notice and respect.

Despite his early academic accomplishment, Kim Ung-Yong later in life chose a different course. He returned to South Korea to work as a civil engineer. While his intellectual powers remained unrivaled, he chose to live a more regular life, putting his ability to use in practical ways to benefit society.

Nonetheless, his astonishing journey continues to inspire countless others throughout the world, acting as a tribute to the human mind’s incredible potential. Kim Ung-Yong’s legacy lives on as a shining example of what the human brain can do with unwavering drive and natural brilliance.

Kim Ung-Yong is the person with the highest IQ ever recorded. This South Korean prodigy was discovered when he was four months old and had an IQ of 210 when he was eight years old. Throughout his life, he accomplished incredible things such as mastering many languages and producing poems to help people grasp life events in a profound way.

His achievements as the world’s brightest person have made him a great example of human potential. Kim Ung-Yong’s work continues to wow people all around the world with its beauty and intelligence.

6. Garry Kasparov – Highest IQ 194

Garry Kasparov, the renowned chess grandmaster and former World Chess Champion, is one of history’s smartest minds, with an incredible and highest IQ of 194, ranking him among the world’s brightest minds. Born on April 13, 1963, in Baku, Azerbaijan (then part of the Soviet Union), Kasparov showed an early affinity for chess. He earned an International Master at the age of 13, and by the age of 22, he was the youngest World Chess Champion, a title he held from 1985 to 2000.

Kasparov’s genius stretched well beyond the chessboard. He displayed a keen awareness of complicated strategic and political challenges, establishing him as a renowned figure in international politics. His strong intelligence, paired with an unbreakable spirit, enabled him to challenge and compete in chess matches against sophisticated supercomputers, demonstrating the human mind’s extraordinary potential in the face of expanding technology.

Garry Kasparov Highest IQ in the World

Garry Kasparov actively promoted democracy and human rights, utilizing his influential voice to fight for positive change in the world, in addition to his tremendous successes in chess and intellectual pursuits. His commitment to study and the quest of knowledge has inspired countless people to realize their full intellectual potential.

Garry Kasparov’s reputation as a great strategist, thinker, and champion has left an everlasting impression on the world, and his name has become synonymous with extraordinary intelligence and achievements in chess and beyond.

7. Leonardo da Vinci – Highest IQ 180-190

Leonardo da Vinci was an Italian Renaissance painter, sculptor, architect, composer, and scientist who had an IQ of 180-190. He was a real polymath, born on April 15, 1452, in Vinci, Italy, and excelled as a painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, scientist, inventor, and writer. Leonardo’s remarkable intelligence and voracious curiosity enabled him to push the boundaries of science and art during the Renaissance, earning him one of the world’s highest IQs.

He is widely regarded as one of history’s finest artists. Among his most famous masterpieces are the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. Leonardo da Vinci has long been regarded as one of the greatest Renaissance figures. His artistic genius is well-known, but his amazing intelligence may surprise some.

Leonardo da Vinci is often recognized as the sharpest individual who ever lived, with an estimated IQ ranging from 180 to 190. His cerebral power is much above what was possible in any previous era, making him a unique and towering figure in history.

His artistic masterpieces, like the legendary “Mona Lisa” and “The Last Supper,” have captivated and inspired generations of people. Leonardo’s scientific efforts were similarly innovative, with studies in anatomy, engineering, optics, and other fields. He imagined flying aircraft, researched human anatomy with unrivaled precision, and created breakthrough technologies that were decades ahead of their time.

Leonardo’s notebooks, which contain his observations, sketches, and ideas, demonstrate the breadth and depth of his mind. His passion for knowledge knew no limitations, and his ability to integrate seemingly unrelated subjects is still impressive.

Leonardo da Vinci’s legacy lives on today, as his contributions to art, science, and innovation continue to mold modern thinking. His legacy is a monument to the heights the human intellect may reach when it is not constrained by conventional constraints. Leonardo’s genius represents not only the world’s highest IQ but also the power of intellectual curiosity and creativity in altering the path of history.

8. Benjamin Bloom – Highest IQ 180-190

Benjamin Bloom was an American educational psychologist with an IQ ranging from 180 to 190. He is well known for developing the Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, which is used to categorize educational objectives.

Benjamin Bloom had an IQ of 180-190, making him one of history’s sharpest people. Bloom, a professor of educational psychology, made several major contributions to the discipline and possessed one of the world’s highest IQs.

Bloom conducted study on traits such as talent and originality, but he is most recognized for his work on the taxonomy of educational objectives, a classification system he devised to quantify degrees of learning. His innovative efforts have had a long-lasting impact on education and established Benjamin Bloom as one of history’s brightest minds.

9. Judit Polgar – Highest IQ 170

Judit Polgar is a chess grandmaster from Hungary with an estimated IQ of 170. She is the only woman to have ever been placed among the top ten chess players in the world. She has several championships to her name, including the Chess Olympiad and the Linares tournament.

Judit Polgar is often regarded as the smartest person in the world, with an IQ of 170. This places her in the top 0.00003% of all humans, and her highest IQ is greater than Albert Einstein’s estimated IQ of 160. Judit and her three sisters were groomed to be chess masters from a young age, and she eventually became the strongest among them, earning 11 Grand Master titles.

She is also one of only seven players in history to have achieved and maintained a FIDE rating of 2735 for two years. Her incredible intelligence, paired with her unwavering dedication to her art, has served as an inspiration to many subsequent generations who have since followed in her footsteps.

10. Stephen Hawking (deceased) – Highest IQ score of 160

Stephen Hawking’s significant contributions to quantum physics, relativity, and cosmology transformed scientific knowledge. His thoughts concerning black holes and the Big Bang forever altered our understanding of space-time. Stephen received an honorary degree from Cambridge University in honour of his scientific contributions – the greatest distinction a scientist can receive! He is also recognized for having one of the highest IQs ever recorded, at 160.

Stephen Hawking is well-known for writing “A Brief History of Time” while suffering from motor neurone disease (MND). In this book, he explains complex notions about the universe in simple language that appeals to a large audience. Furthermore, Stephen has appeared on prominent television shows such as The Simpsons and Futurama.

Stephen Hawking, who was confined to a wheelchair due to Motor Neurone Disease, never let his tragic diagnosis define him. His unwavering dedication and desire for finding solutions kept him going despite physical constraints caused by paralysis, which took his life in 2018 at the age of 76. He persisted till the end, leaving an unmatched legacy that will continue to inspire future generations of scientists.


The world is full of brilliant people, making it tough to narrow down the list of the most intelligent people. Christopher Hirata, Kim Ung-Yong, Garry Kasparov, Terence Tao, Marilyn Vos Savant, Christopher Michael Langan, Judit Polgár, Terrence J. Sejnowski, William James Sidis, and Stephen Hawking are often regarded as the top ten highest IQ people in the world.

All of these people are extremely accomplished in their industries and have had a significant impact on society. Furthermore, many of them are affiliated with Indian evaluation organizations that specialize in testing for exceptional IQ and cognitive ability. The future of intelligence research appears to be bright, with such a varied array of incredibly intelligent brains impacting our planet.

We hope this post helped you comprehend the top ten highest IQ people in the globe and how evaluation firms in India help with cognitive talents. If you want to learn more about these people or what other specialists are doing in the field of intelligence research, please visit our blog for information and articles that will help.

These are the top 10 highest IQ people on the planet. They all have extraordinary powers and capabilities that set them apart from others. They have all accomplished tremendous things in their fields and made major contributions to society.