26 February 2024

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iPhone 15

Rumors of iPhone 15 Ultra with 3D Capture Technology

There are already rumours of an iPhone 15 Ultra, which is part of Apple’s iPhone 16 series. While the iPhone 15’s Vision Pro features may not be implemented, rumours suggest that 3D capture for next iPhone Ultra models would improve user experience.

Future iPhone Ultra versions may include Vision Pro’s 3D capture technology, also known as spatial photographs and films, according to a leak on Weibo, as noted by MacRumors. If this connection happens, it may give customers an immersive experience by making it possible to record and view 3D material on the Apple Vision Pro.

Possible Immersive 3D Experience in Future iPhone 15

A BGR rumour claims that before to the 2024 release of Vision Pro, Apple had original intentions to add spatial photographs and films to the iPhone 15 Pro versions. The most recent information, however, indicates that this capability will initially be included in the headgear before being added to iPhones. By enabling better viewing and recording capabilities, the advent of 3D images has the potential to completely transform the user experience.

Users will still have the ability to project conventional visuals within the headset, it is important to note. According to MacRumors, the design of the Vision Pro is mainly focused on this function, to the point that it has a dedicated mechanical button for increased convenience.

The inclusion of 3D imaging capabilities in the iPhone might be a huge step forward for Apple. For the future iPhone 15 models, the firm has already disclosed a host of fascinating features, including a primary wide camera, telephoto camera, ultra-wide camera, LiDAR scanner, and more. For fans of Apple products, this indicates an interesting lineup for the year’s major launches.

Also possible for 2024 is the release of a new, high-end iPhone model named the “Ultra.” All iPhone fans are currently anticipating the Apple event on September 12, 2023, where the firm will introduce its newest smartphone lineup, the iPhone 15 series.