28 February 2024

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Russia Increases Attacks on Ukraine Grain Infrastructure

Russia “attacked the country’s south again,” the Defence Forces of Ukraine South announced on the messaging app Telegram.

Russia has increased attacks on Ukraine’s grain-exporting infrastructure in the southern Odesa and Mykolaiv areas since July, when Moscow decreased out of a UN-brokered arrangement allowing secure grain exports across the Black Sea.

According to Nataliya Gumenyuk, spokesperson for Ukraine’s southern military command, Russia appears to be “testing the density of the air defence.”

“They understand that port infrastructure is a top priority for our region and that it is well-protected.” “However, because of this, the attack that occurred tonight was both massive and by a combination of means,” she added on Telegram.

According to the South Ukrainian Defence Forces, Russia launched 19 drones and two Onyx supersonic missiles towards Odesa, as well as 12 Kalibr missiles.

They stated that all 19 Shaheds and 11 Kalibrs had been “shot down.”

Russia, however, “hit the port infrastructure” in Odesa, which “suffered significant damage,” they said.

“Onyx missiles destroyed granaries.” “However, no one was injured,” they stated.

Warehouses and a private residence in the Odesa suburbs were damaged and caught fire as a consequence of “falling debris,” they added.

Gumenyuk stated that one of the grain warehouses destroyed was empty.

“However,” she claimed, “hitting grain-related infrastructure” was a Russian “priority.”

Oleg Kiper, regional governor of Odesa, claimed on Telegram that a civilian lady in Odesa was hurt by shrapnel “in a blast wave” and was being treated in a hospital.

Ukraine Grain shipments pass through

Ukraine is experimenting with a new Black Sea route that skips international waters in favour of regions controlled by NATO allies Bulgaria and Romania.
Despite Russian threats to strike ships travelling to or from Ukraine, the first ship carrying wheat arrived in Istanbul on Thursday.

According to marine traffic tracking services, a second consignment arrived in Turkey on Sunday.

Russia and Ukraine are two big agricultural powers with critical resources for world food security.

The Russian invasion of its neighbour in February of last year, as well as the accompanying international sanctions, have destabilised world supply and markets.

Russia: Ukraine drones shot down

Meanwhile, Russia defence ministry announced that its air defences “destroyed” four unmanned aerial vehicles over the northern Black Sea and the Crimean peninsula, which Moscow seized in 2014.

According to the report, two drones were caught in Kursk and Bryansk, two areas bordering Ukraine.

Several residences and the roof of an administrative building were destroyed “due to an attack by Ukrainian UAVs” in the Central district, according to Kursk regional governor Roman Starovoyt.

There were no recorded casualties. Aleksandr Bogomaz, the regional governor of Bryansk, stated that there were “no casualties or damage” in the region.

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