14 May 2024

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Russian Airspace Disrupted by Ukrainian Drone Strikes

According to a report by TASS News, the Russian military shot down four Ukrainian drones near Moscow and over the bordering Bryansk area on Tuesday, August 22, forcing the three largest airports in Moscow to halt arrivals and departures.

One of the drones was shot down, according to Reuters, above Krasnogorsk, a town outside of Moscow that houses the regional administration for Moscow. There were no injuries in the most recent strike, according to Russia’s defence ministry.

Over Vnukovo, Sheremetyevo, and Domodedovo, the airspace is closed. Flights are not being received, and departures are delayed, a government official said TASS on the condition of anonymity.

Ukrainian Drones Target Russian Mainland in Ongoing Conflic

According to Reuters, Ukraine does not explicitly accept responsibility for the recent spike in drone attacks on Russian territory.

According to CNN, a Ukrainian drone that crashed into a train station’s roof earlier on Sunday caused at least 5 injuries in the Russian province of Kursk.

Around 50 people were inside the train station at the time of the event, according to the local governor, who all made it out safely. Two of the five injured victims declined medical attention, leaving the other three to be sent to the regional hospital in Kursk.

According to the governor, there were three platforms at the station, two of which were in use and were where people boarded or disembarked trains. One of the platforms was temporarily blocked. The building’s roof, waiting room and pedestrian tunnel all sustained damage from the drone collision, in addition to other areas.

This is yet another assault from Ukraine’s counteroffensive that targets the Russian mainland. Earlier this month, residential structures in the village of Volfino, which is located in the same area as Kursk, were struck by shells launched from Ukraine.

Rarely does Ukraine claim credit for such assaults on Russia, but President Volodymyr Zelenskyy recently said that war is slowly making a comeback on Russian land. The areas that Ukraine lost to Russia in the early stages of the conflict are slowly being reclaimed.