21 February 2024

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Shahbad Dairy murder

Shahbad Dairy murder: ‘Sakshi knew Sahil as a Hindu’, reveals her friend; Police to investigate the Love Jihad angle

Shahbad Dairy murder: According to an update on the horrible Sakshi murder case from Delhi, the victim girl was friends with the accused Mohammed Sahil, and was oblivious to his faith. On Monday, one of Sakshi’s acquaintances told the media that Sakshi used to believe Sahil belonged to the Hindu religion.

Neetu, one of the deceased’s friends, broke her silence in the case and stated that Sakshi and Sahil had been fighting for several days for some reason. Meanwhile, Aarti, another friend, stated that Sakshi knew Sahil as a Hindu lad. The culprit has been apprehended by Delhi Police, and he has undergone medical testing.

According to reports, Shahbad Dairy murder accused Sahil was arrested in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, with a Kalava (Hindu religious thread) tied around his wrist. The case will now be probed from the standpoint of ‘Love Jihad,’ according to police.

Shahbad Dairy murder

Sakshi planned to attend her friend Neetu’s son’s birthday party on Sunday (May 28, 2023). Neetu was one of her closest friends, and she frequently visited her because Neetu’s husband was in jail. After the murder, Neetu told the media that Sahil and Sakshi had known each other for 3-4 years. “They had been fighting for a few days over some issues, and Sakishi didn’t want to talk to Sahil.” “She had gone out to get something for my son’s birthday but never returned,” Neetu explained.

Sakshi had been reached by Sahil as she was waiting for one of their friends, Aarti, according to Neetu. According to Neetu, the two got into a dispute, and Sahil, who had already arrived with the purpose to murder, stabbed her roughly 20 times. He also crushed the victim’s head with a concrete block, resulting in her death instantly.

Anamika Singh Tweet on Shahbad Dairy murder

Earlier, BJP leader Kapil Mishra pointed out on Twitter that the Muslim accused was wearing a Kalava around his wrist. The BJP leader called it a case of Love Jihad and questioned who helped the culprits commit the horrible deed.

The CCTV footage of the terrible Shahbad Dairy murder: has also surfaced, and it has gone viral on the internet. Following a complaint from the victim’s father, Delhi Police filed a FIR in the matter.

The incident occurred on Sunday, May 28, and the arrest was made within 24 hours after the offence took place. The police have also taken Sahil’s father, Sarfaraz, into jail.

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