5 March 2024

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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift performs a surprise song at her Minneapolis event after a fan’s tribute to her late brother goes viral

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A Taylor Swift fan says she can’t “even fathom” what transpired during her Saturday night concert in downtown Minneapolis.

Kaitlyn Iannantuoni has been a Swift fan since she was an opening act in 2006. She had the opportunity to meet Swift in 2008, and attending the Eras Tour was no exception.

“I adore Taylor.” “I’ve seen multiple shows on every tour,” Kaitlyn explained. “I’ve truly always loved her and felt so connected to her.”

Despite the fact that Kaitlyn is from Chicago, which had one of Swift’s tour dates, she wanted to see the show in Minneapolis, and specifically to be in the same room as the singer on June 24.

“Normally, this day is really, really difficult for me,” Kaitlyn explained. “I’m trying to make the best of it, but it’s a really emotional day.”

Brian, her older brother, died in a vehicle accident five years ago on June 24. She tagged Taylor Swift in a tweet, requesting that she perform “Daylight” as one of her surprise songs on Saturday in honour of her brother.

Taylor Swift Performance

The tweet went viral, with over 1.2 million people viewing it.

Swift delivered, with “Daylight” being her second surprise song of the evening. As soon as she heard it, Kaitlyn collapsed to her knees in the stadium, crying.

Taylor Swift

“It meant so much to me.” “I think the message in that song is so positive: life is difficult, but you can get through it,” she remarked.

Over the years, the song “Daylight” has helped Kaitlyn grieve and cope. One of the words was even tattooed on her arm: “Step into the daylight and let it go.”

Hearing this song on this date was fate for her.

“This was just 100% proof that [Brian] is there for me, even if I can’t see him,” Kaitlyn explained.

Swift thanked fans after the two nights of gigs on Sunday, calling the Minneapolis crowds “some of the most generous.”

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