2 March 2024

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Best TVs You Can Buy

The Best TVs You Can Buy in India

Ultra-HD, or 4K, is still the most common mainstream display resolution in TVs, and there is plenty of content to take advantage of it across major streaming platforms and media formats. This, when combined with HDR codecs like Dolby Vision and HDR10+, results in the best home watching experience. Our most recent recommendations include the Samsung Neo QLED Mini LED TV 55QN95B, our current top selection among premium Ultra-HD TVs, as well as the Xiaomi OLED Vision TV, one of the most cheap OLED TVs available in India.

Most Indian homes have televisions, and consumers want to make the best decision while making such an important purchase. Most people use their TV sets for five years or more, which makes choosing what’s best for you much more important, especially if you’re looking for a luxury set that costs more than Rs. 100,000. At the same time, the costs of low-cost televisions are going down, features and specifications are improving, and premium display technologies such as OLED and quantum-dot LED are becoming more cheap.

Should you spend a little more and go with a’safe’ choice from a well-known brand, or should you get your money’s worth and try your luck with a fresher brand? Regardless of your budget, our shopping guide should help you make a more informed purchase. Based on our ratings and experience, we’ve included our Best TVs You Can Buy in the smart TV category across budgets to help you in selecting a high-quality television for your house.

Is it worth to spend more money on a better TV?

With televisions and much of the technology surrounding them becoming more inexpensive, a well-equipped TV with decent features and specifications can now be purchased for less than Rs. 25,000. This begs the question, does it make sense to spend any more money? Also, are the benefits of purchasing a premium TV genuinely equal to the price increase? To put it simply, that is totally dependent on you and your watching habits.

Many buyers choose 32-inch and 43-inch televisions for a variety of reasons, including pricing, space limitations, and watching habits that are still mainly centred on cable and DTH programming. If you have the space for a larger TV, a decent Internet connection, and access to streaming services like Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime Video, you might want to consider a 55-inch or larger 4K HDR TV. If you care about image and sound quality, it makes sense to invest in superior screen technologies such as QLED or OLED.

Best entry-level TV: Mi TV 4A Horizon Edition

No other brand has had such a rapid impact on the Indian affordable television industry as Xiaomi. The Mi TV 4A Horizon Edition continues the company’s heritage of providing a lot more for a low price. The Mi TV 4A Horizon Edition’s differentiating feature is its small bezel, and this television also provides an all-around experience that makes it an excellent choice in the entry-level smart TV category.

The Best TVs You Can Buy is Mi TV 4A Horizon Edition series, priced at Rs. 23,499 for the 43-inch form and Rs. 13,999 for the 32-inch choice, operates on Android TV 9 out of the box, with access to all major applications and services via the Google Play Store. It has 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage, and it runs the PatchWall 3.0 UI, much as previous Xiaomi TVs. With a nice picture and reasonable sound quality, this is a solid entry-level option. Interestingly, the TV now has rapid booting, as well as other software-based optimisations and capabilities.

The Mi TV 4A Horizon Edition isn’t without its flaws: slightly sluggish UI performance, dull colours, and a minimalistic remote hold it back a bit. However, in the grand scheme of things, these difficulties are trivial. If you want a tiny screen and are OK with HD or full-HD capabilities, this is still our top selection for a basic smart television.

Best TVs You Can Buy under Rs. 50,000: Xiaomi Mi TV 5X 55

Xiaomi’s emphasis on affordability and value-for-money continues to pay dividends for the firm, and the Mi TV 5X 55 is a terrific option for less than Rs. 50,000, especially in terms of getting the most bang for your buck. The Mi TV 5X is a familiar, reliable experience that does most things right, thanks to Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos compatibility, a 55-inch Ultra-HD LED screen, and very solid software.

Overall, the sound quality is good, the image is about as good as you can expect for the price, and performance is constant across resolutions. However, the TV had some performance difficulties in our evaluation, and Xiaomi still does not include batteries with the remote, which is disappointing.

The key here is core performance, and HDR material, particularly in the Dolby Vision format, appears far better than on other displays in this price range. Android TV 10 and PatchWall also provide a fantastic software experience. If you have a budget of less than Rs. 50,000 Best TVs You Can Buy and are seeking for a large-screen, the Mi TV 5X is a good option.

Best TVs You Can Buy under Rs. 60,000: Hisense 55U6G QLED Ultra-HD Android TV

Although quantum-dot LED TVs are normally expensive, there are a few alternatives with this technology available for less than Rs. 60,000, such as the Hisense 55U6G QLED TV. This TV gives great lower mid-range performance with a 55-inch Ultra-HD QLED screen, Dolby Vision and Atmos reliability, and Android TV OS, making it a worthwhile option to consider if you have the funds.

Although the sound quality is average, and we did see some stuttering artefacts with Ultra-HD stuff, the image was generally clear, bright, and colourful, especially with Dolby Vision content. This is a Best TVs You Can Buy on reasonably priced that is well worth the little price premium over the Mi TV 5X, and it is our top recommendation in its price range.

Best TVs You Can Buy under Rs. 1,00,000: Xiaomi OLED Vision 55-inch Ultra-HD TV

The OLED Vision TV is Xiaomi’s most costly 55-inch choice in India, but its low price makes it one of the most cheap and well-priced OLED TVs available right now. The advantages of OLED, such as deep blacks, strong contrast, and respectable colours, make it a viable alternative to similarly priced quantum-dot LED choices from Samsung and Sony.

While there were some motion interpolation concerns, the overall experience with the Xiaomi OLED Vision TV was positive, due primarily to the dependable software experience of Android TV with Xiaomi’s custom PatchWall UI. If you have a budget of roughly Rs. 1,000,000 and are looking for a good compromise, this is our best TVs you can buy.

Best TVs You Can Buy under Rs. 1,50,000: Sony 55X90K Ultra-HD Android TV

Sony’s X90 range has, over the years, delivered exactly the kind of reliable upper mid-range performance that you would expect Best TVs You Can Buy Rs. 1,00,000 on a television. The X90K television is available in sizes of 55 inches and above, and delivers very good performance on the whole across resolutions and dynamic ranges. With a sharp, detailed quantum-dot LED screen that delivers excellent colours and brightness, along with full-array local dimming that works well, the Sony X90K is our top pick in this price range.

The Sony 55X90K’s sound quality is a little underwhelming, but there’s not much else to complain about with this television. The new Google TV user interface on top of Android TV, support for Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast, and hands-free Google Assistant all combine to create this a feature-rich set that focuses on what matters and delivers.

Best Premium TV: Samsung 55QN95B Neo QLED Mini LED TV

If budget is no object, the Samsung QN95B Neo QLED TV series is among the best available right now. This Samsung TV provides best-in-class brightness and colour levels, superb local dimming, and a detailed image with high-quality content thanks to a mix of Samsung’s tried-and-tested quantum-dot LED technology and next-generation Mini LED backlighting.

There are also some other interesting features, such as the solar-charging remote and AirPlay support. Because the display screen is separated from the electrical components and ports on the supplied One Connect box, the TV has a delightfully slender appearance. The software is a little crowded, and the sound quality is mediocre Best TVs You Can Buy the price of the TV, but this is a real flagship screen that provides a top-notch experience with Ultra-HD and HDR material.

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