24 February 2024

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Army Truck

Tragic Army Truck Accident Claims Lives of Nine Soldiers

A Maruti Gipsy, a truck, and an ambulance made up the three-vehicle convoy that was carrying at least three officers, two JCOs, and 34 soldiers.
According to officials, on Saturday night in Kiari in the Leh district, an army truck that was one of three vehicles on a search and rescue patrol pushed off the road and fell into a steep valley, killing one junior commissioned officer (JCO) and injuring another.

Lt Col. PS Sidhu, a defence spokesperson headquartered in Leh, stated that “the convoy was moving from Leh to Kiari when the truck went off-road.”

“Nine soldiers, including a JCO, died and another was hurt in the tragic incident,” he continued.

Army Truck

According to the spokesperson, the incident took at about 7 p.m.

Leh SSP, PD Nitya stated, “At 1645 hours (6.45 pm), an army truck carrying 10 army troops, including the driver, was going from Leh to Nyoma when it was involved in an accident 6 kilometres short of Kiari.

“The car off the road and tumbled into a deep the gorge. A police squad hurried to the scene and began a rescue effort as soon as the reports reached the local police, she added. All of the injured had been sent to the army’s MI room, according to the SSP.

Deadly Mishap in Leh: Army Truck Plunges into Valley, Nine Soldiers Killed

“Ashok Leyland Stallion (ALS) truck that was travelling in a convoy from Leh to Nyoma slid into the valley at around 5:45 or 6 PM, seven km short of Kiari. In the automobile, there were ten passengers; nine of them killed, and one was injured. The injured man has been sent to the hospital, Indian Army officials announced in a statement released today.

According to reports, the army squad aboard the tragic vehicle included the 311 Medium Regiment (artillery).

In a three-vehicle that included a Maruti Gypsy, army truck, and an ambulance, there were at least three officers, two JCOs, and 34 soldiers. Army has not yet released a list of those who died personnel.