29 February 2024

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KTM electric scooter

Upcoming KTM electric scooter could use a derivative of the Bajaj Chetak platform

KTM, an Austrian motorcycle manufacturer, is working on a maxi-style KTM electric scooter, and a prototype has been spotted testing camouflaged (via Motorrrad Online). The electric scooter is currently being tested in Europe and is still in the early phases of development. The electric scooter may have potential in the Indian automotive market, as the electric powertrain is said to have been developed in collaboration with Bajaj. The electric scooter could be unveiled later this year and released in early 2025.

KTM electric scooter to get sporty DNA

  • The new KTM electric scooter has a tiny scooter-style appearance and also sports KTM’s dynamic design language.
  • This EV differs from the previous concept in that it appears less aggressive. The panels also show a more subdued design language, with softer lines on the body panels.
  • EV is still in the early stages of development, and several components have most likely been 3D printed for testing purposes.
  • The KTM electric scooter lacks a flat floorboard and has a central spine. The battery pack was also most likely positioned on the floorboard.
KTM electric scooter
  • Machined aluminium components, such as the swing arm and footstep mountings, can be identified as having the KTM identification seen in the brand’s other products.
  • The mechanical components revealed in the spy photos include alloy wheels, disc brakes on both ends, aluminium grab handles, a front windscreen, and an LED lighting setup.
  • The KTM electric scooter also has flat seats, which could be a feature to improve rider and pillions’ comfort.
  • The KTM electric scooter could be powered by an 8kW electric motor developed in collaboration with Indian two-wheeler company Bajaj. The EV’s top speed is projected to be 100kmph.
  • The platform is also speculated to be a version of the Bajaj Chetak platform, and if marketed in India, the KTM electric scooter will most likely share some components with the Chetak.

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The KTM electric scooter is a component of the EMotion project, which will result in two electric scooters: a compact power scooter and a light power scooter. The 4kW motor will power the smaller scooter, which will have a top speed of 45kmph. The electric scooter could possibly give birth to another EV in the Husqvarna portfolio.