5 March 2024

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Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin Says Russia Is ‘Carefully’ Considering African Offers To End Ukraine Conflict

Russian President Vladimir Putin laughed and told the Comoros president to keep sitting when he unintentionally sat in front of everyone during an official meeting.

A video showing Russian President Vladimir Putin bursting into laughing after urging the Comoros President to keep sitting after the latter unintentionally sat in front of everyone during an important meeting has gone viral. The video has received a lot of attention and acclaim since it was uploaded on social media.

The 30-second video shows Putin greeting African leaders as they enter a conference venue. When Comoros President Azali Assoumani sits in his chair, an official urges the visitors to their seats, while the leader next to him appears bewildered but continues to stand. Moments later, Assoumani jumps up, realizing he has broken procedure, but Putin insists on him sitting and later takes the seat himself.

Russia-Africa summit

On Thursday and Friday, a two-day Russia-Africa conference was conducted in St Petersburg. According to sources, Russia suffered a setback because less than half of African leaders attended the summit this time around, compared to the previous time it was held in 2019.

No-cost Russian grains to six African nations

According to the Associated Press, Vladimir Putin told African leaders on Thursday that Russia is doing all possible to avoid a worldwide food catastrophe, amid concerns that its pullout from a treaty enabling grain supplies from Ukraine may create price hikes.

He promised substantial no-cost grain shipments to six African countries while discussing the stalled Black Sea grain deal.

President Vladimir Putin

“Our country will continue to provide humanitarian assistance to needy states and regions in particular.” We want to actively contribute to the development of a more equitable resource allocation system. “We are working hard to avoid a global food crisis,” Putin stated.

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Vladimir Putin on Peace agreement for Russia-Ukraine war

Putin stated during the Russia-Africa conference that Moscow would carefully examine a peace proposal for Ukraine that African countries had wished to explore.

“This is an urgent issue, and we are not avoiding it,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said, underlining that his administration was treating the African effort with respect and “looking at it attentively.”