25 February 2024

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WhatsApp New Feature

WhatsApp New Feature: You can now silence calls from unknown numbers

WhatsApp has unveiled two new features aimed at boosting user privacy on the service. The first function allows you to block unexpected WhatsApp calls, while the second is essentially a privacy audit for users. The new functionalities have been made available to both Android and iOS users. 

WhatsApp silence unknown calls 

This WhatsApp New Feature is self-explanatory in that it allows you to stop unknown WhatsApp calls. Given that WhatsApp is commonly used in India not just for chatting but also for calling, this function can be useful, especially if you don’t enjoy receiving calls from unknown numbers.

You can enable this by going opening WhatsApp > Settings > Privacy > Calls > Silence Unknown Callers. 

WhatsApp New Feature

When you use this option, any calls from unknown numbers are automatically hushed. However, these calls will still be displayed in WhatsApp’s calls tab and in your notifications. You won’t be disturbed, but you will be aware of who was attempting to phone you.

WhatsApp New Feature: privacy checkup

As the name implies, WhatsApp privacy checkup walks you through the various privacy options available on the app. You can use the same method to access your phone’s privacy checkup feature. When you arrive, choose ‘Start checkup’ and you will be presented with a menu of privacy settings that you can go through individually.

You may choose who can contact you, control your personal information, chat privacy, and more in this section. WhatsApp new feature has essentially gathered several privacy options and grouped them under a single applicable header. For example, under the privacy setting to control who may contact you, you can specify who can add you to groups, quiet unknown callers, and block contacts. 

Similarly, other privacy settings are grouped together. You can still verify each setting individually, however this section provides a more straightforward approach to adjust privacy settings.