26 February 2024

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WhatsApp Windows

WhatsApp Windows will soon allow up to 32 users to video call

WhatsApp users who use the application on both their smartphones and their Windows PCs and laptops will note that WhatsApp for Windows lacks numerous capabilities that are present on the WhatsApp app for smartphones. 

WhatsApp’s parent company, Meta, is bridging the gap by introducing picture editing and sticker suggestions on WhatsApp Windows. In addition, the business is working on a variety of other capabilities, such as the ‘see once’ feature on WhatsApp Windows, which allows users to transmit photographs and videos that disappear after the recipient has seen them once. The WhatsApp app already has this feature.

According to the most recent WABetaInfo report, WhatsApp is working on another feature for WhatsApp Windows that would allow users to make video calls with up to 32 people. This feature is presently being tested and is available to a limited number of beta testers.

Currently, the WhatsApp for Windows app supports up to 8 group video calls and 32 group voice conversations. With the latest update, version 2.2324.1.0, available on the Microsoft Store, some beta testers can now try larger video conversations.

WhatsApp New Feature

A message may request that some beta testers try phoning their groups. According to the message, they can video call contacts and groups of up to 32 people directly from the Windows programme.

“Try calling your group right now!” “You can make video and audio calls to your contacts and groups of up to 32 people right from your desktop,” according to the prompt on the WhatsApp for Windows programme.

It is worth noting that for some people, a different message may display stating that they can video call 16 people and share their screen content during a video conversation. With the WhatsApp beta for Windows 2.2322.1.0 release, the content-sharing capability was introduced earlier. Furthermore, after installing the current version, certain beta testers may be able to watch video messages.

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WhatsApp Windows New Features

Meanwhile, WABetaInfo says that WhatsApp is introducing In-client Chat Support in its Windows client. This feature enables WhatsApp users to communicate with the company’s leaders within a WhatsApp chat and receive responses to their queries and complaints.

Users can also choose to receive help or answers by email if they want. According to the blog, this feature will be highly valuable for consumers because it will allow them to solve problems or get answers to inquiries without leaving the Windows app. Users will also save time and effort as a result of this.

The new In-programme Chat assistance feature is exclusively available to beta users of the company’s Windows-based chat programme.