29 February 2024

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Zelensky Confident in Ukraine’s Victory; Russia Protests F-16 Donation

On Monday, Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, said he was “confident” that Russia will lose the conflict in Ukraine.
We are certain that Russia will lose this battle today… In a speech delivered in front of the Danish parliament, Zelensky remarked, “I’m confident we will win because the truth is on our side.

In support of Kyiv’s arduous counteroffensive against Russian forces in the east, Zelensky made his statements the day following the announcement by Denmark and the Netherlands that they would donate American F-16 fighters to help strengthen Kyiv’s Soviet-era air force.

“What matters most is what we prove by our victory and cooperation… Together, we prove the worth of life and the importance of individuals. “Freedom matters, and Europe matters,” the Ukrainian president added.

F-16 Donation Sparks Russia Protest; Zelensky Expresses Confidence

“It will be a shared victory. of the truth, democracy, our people, and our nations. Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said on Sunday that her country will send 19 F-16s, with six arriving by the end of this year, eight arriving in 2019, and five arriving in 2025.

On Monday, Russia issued a warning, claiming that the delivery of the cutting-edge jets amounted to a “escalation of the conflict”.

“Denmark attempts through its behaviour and words to leave Ukraine with no alternative but to prolong the armed conflict with Russia,” the Russian ambassador to Denmark, Vladimir Barbin, said in a statement to AFP. “By hiding behind a premise that Ukraine itself must define the conditions for peace.

A position like that “pushes Ukraine into the depths and condemns its people to become new victims.”

Sergei Lavrov, the foreign minister of Russia, declared in July that Moscow would view the F-16s as a “nuclear” danger due to their ability to transport atomic weapons.